Happy International Day of Happiness! Here are the things that spark joy for us

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All our lives are inevitably busy and fulls of stressors, and even when it's not, it's nice to treat yourself to something that makes you happy. From something yummy to our furry friends, here are the things that instantly brings happiness to Team YP:

Sushi makes me ridiculously happy. Salmon sashimi, with a little soy sauce, is my happy place. Promise me a crispy salmon hand roll and I'll follow you to the ends of the Earth. Tuna nigiri? Hello, you're now my new best friend and I will die for you. In short, give me all the sushi, and nobody has to get hurt.

Ginny Wong, Sub-editor

I look forward to coming home to my dogs, Bailey and Pippa, every day. They go absolutely crazy when I walk through the door, and it's so much fun to watch and interact with them when they're that excited. Pippa makes cute noises and jumps on you, while Bailey runs to fetch a toy as a welcome gift. They really do know the meaning of unconditional love.

Rhea Mogul, Junior reporters manager


There's something very comforting, delightful, and confidence-boosting about singing in the shower. It's a very relaxing and safe space; and it's time to express all my crazy emotions and be in my own spotlight without actually being seen.

Nicola Chan, Reporter

Something that never fails to bring a child-like grin to my face is the Disney intro that plays before every Disney film. It assures me that I'm in for an hour and a half of pure, magical bliss. The castle, the shooting star, the music ... it's EVERYTHING.

Nicole Moraleda, Sub-editor

Nothing beats waking up every morning to my rabbit and feeding her blueberries. I love seeing Bukeela twitch her nose in excitement as I take her favourite fruit treat out of the fridge, the way she gobbles them (and licks my palms at the same time), and flops down on the floor in sheer bliss and contentment after her blueberry feast.

Doris Wai, Multimedia producer

Lion dances always make me smile. There's just something about the boom-boom-boom-boom-tish! that makes me want to follow the lion like a kid at a circus parade. I also enjoy watching their amazing athletic feats on poles. The more colour and noise the better.

Susan Ramsay, Editor

Seeing other people happy makes me happy. I’ve always believed my parents chose the name Joy for a reason, and often, when I’m making decisions in life, I think about whether someone’s going to be smiling when my decision affects them. Whether it's crafting jokes in my speeches, or volunteering in my free time.

Joy Pamnani, 20, The Univeristy of Hong Kong

Food makes me happy, everytime I get to eat, my worries fly away. Getting to choose what to eat for each meal is a great happiness, it gives energy.

Eunice Yip, 18, Hong Kong Shue Yan University 

The last 5 seconds of a workout and the afterburn

Jacqueline Guico, 19, Belilios Public School

The thing that gives me utmost happiness would probably be chocolate. The way it melts in your mouth and leaves with a sweet, relaxing taste can brighten up even the gloomiest of days! Speaking of sweets, a grand 7-tiered chocolate cake, topped off with lots and lots of icing would certainly bring a smile to my face.

Aiswarya Rambhatla, 15, South Island School

Just a simple bear hug! the best way to show my happiness is through a hug, and every hug always makes me very happy. The way warmth spreads after a hug is always amazing. Everyone deserves and needs a hug, so don't forget to hug your loved ones and make them happy!

Chloe Lau, 13, St Mary's Canossian College

When I see my friends, I will be happy immediately. Friends always cheer me up when I am down and they always make me smile again. Each gatherings and hang outs make me feel warm and I feel relax when I see them. I think everyone needs true friends to make them smile again and I believe having friends is the best gift in the world.

Teresa Kwok, 14, South Island School

What makes me happy is being in my room with my yellowish star lights on, with jazzy indie music on in the background, and enjoying a hot cup of Earl grey tea while I journal. Also, a night run with friends. 

Kelly Fung, Editorial assistant 

Skateboarding makes me extremely happy. I love feeling the breeze on my face whilst listening to my favourite music and cruising freely. Sometimes when I skate, I feel like the captain of my own ship, and I get to steer in the directions I want, and basically just do whatever I want. It's my little escape, and it never fails to make my day better.

Joanne Ma, Reporter

As weird as it may sound, I’m happiest when I’m curled up in a fetal position.  I mean … who doesn’t enjoy the safety and comfort of a mother’s womb? Hello? Anyone with me on this?

Veronica Lin, Reporter

Nothing makes me happy like putting my earphones in and going for a walk somewhere away from all the crowds and traffic. On days when it seems like everything is wrong with the world, it's the only thing guaranteed to lift my spirits. The open space and fresh air, the quiet and solitude, all make me feel completely at peace.

Charlotte Ames-Ettridge, Sub-editor

Whether it's in a library, ordering gifts online, walking into a secondhand (ideally charity) sale, following #bookstagram on Instagram, or (best of all) looking at my own shelves and stacks at home, there is something singularly delightful to me about oodles of books. I love having them in my possession, but it's less about ownership than the knowledge that they contain worlds and lessons and people and dreams that inspire me daily.

Karly Cox, Deputy editor

I love doing people's make-up. So far, I've done photoshoots and weddings (I'll be doing my fourth wedding in London this April!) which is stressful but a lot of fun. I love being able to be creative, talk to whoever's in the chair about what colours they like and what they want to look like, and then create something that gives someone that extra oomph! they need. I love the huge smiles I get from the people I've made-up, and that extra sparkle in their (perfectly defined) eyes when they feel extra glamorous and beautiful. 

Heidi Yeung, Web editor

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