7 hilarious videos to watch on International Moment of Laughter Day 2019

From animal surprises and Taylor Swift to the best impression of knowing what you're doing possibly ever seen

Joanne Ma |

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A hearty laugh is good for the soul.

As the old saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine”. Not only has it been scientifically proven that laughter can benefit our health, such as by reducing blood pressure and risk of anxiety, it also brings people together - who doesn't enjoy sharing a good laugh with the people around you?

In celebration of International Moment of Laughter Day, here are seven videos that make the YP Team LOL IRL:

Boots of doom

A red panda is scared by a zookeeper and its reactions are almost human-like. How cute is that?


A very professional recovery

Funny things do happen on live TV frequently, especially when people are caught off-guard. This ABC presenter only knew that she was on air, after letting slip a phrase describing her lack of tan ...


Maybe they could teach their recovery skills

Alabama rapper Marshall Pope tried to do freestyle on live TV, but froze. Later on the presenter suggested he read from his book. Talk about awkward silence!


Speaking of AWKWARD

Guy Goma was at the BBC for a job interview. Guy Kewney is a technology expert who was called on to give an expert opinion about a legal case. Goma ended up in the hot seat with some spectacular results. His face is priceless.


It was never meant to be

Bently’s owner was trying to show him a butterfly. But Bently has other ideas than making friends.


Wait for it

Sure, this looks like a really blurry, accidental vid. Just give it time.


I knew you were bleating when you walked in

This is probably one of the most popular Taylor Swift parodies. When she tried to hit a high note in her song Trouble, people had a very clear idea of what it sound like.

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