7 thoughts we had while watching the video for Taylor Swift's new single, 'ME'

We promise that nobody's gonna love T-Swizzle like we love T-Swizzle

Charlotte Ames-Ettridge |

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Swifties be like.

TayTay has been teasing that something major would happen on April 26, and it did: she dropped the video for her new single, ME, and it is EVERYTHING.

Here are the seven thoughts we had while watching (it on repeat; we had to be sure of what we were seeing; don’t want to be writing fake news, now, do we?!).

1. The Snake is no more

There is a snake at the beginning that explodes into hundreds of butterflies. Reputation-era Swift is officially dead.

2. This is all of us RN

Taylor shouting JE SUIS CALM! is the most relatable thing ever. Its basically the whole fandom right now. 

3. Wardrobe inspo everywhere

I need a pastel pantsuit. Like now. 

4. Relationship GOALS

Brendon Urie’s character offers Taylor an engagement ring but she turns it down, so instead he gives her a kitten. Does this mean Taylor really did get another cat??

5. Making s-c-h-o-o-l c-o-o-l 

Hey kids, spelling is fun! If anyone can make spelling cool, it’s T-a-y-l-o-r S-w-i-f-t.


This is the happiest, fluffiest, most wholesome video I’ve ever seen, and possibly one the best Taylor has ever made.

7. Weekend plans, anyone?

How soon can I recreate that paint party in the street?

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Watch the full video:



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