Thank you, Mum!

Compiled by Mabel Sieh

One of the best ways to thank your mum on Mother's Day is simply to say it. Here's what some of our readers want their mums to know. Take their lead, and let your mum know how much you love her.

Compiled by Mabel Sieh |

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Helen Tsui Tsz-ching, 13

There is so much I want to say to you. When I was a child, I was so wilful but you never scolded me. You gave me everything I wanted. As I grow up, I often argue with you. Although sometimes you scold me, you always comfort me when I cry. You always do things for me and the family without expecting anything in return. I promise I'll do my best to reach my goals and not make you worry. In future, I'll take care of you. I love you more than anything!

Janet Tam Ka-wing, 17

Thanks for your unlimited support throughout the years and your delicious, home-made, heartwarming soup during my DSE revision days. Thanks for never complaining about my untidiness and laziness. And I'm really thankful for your doing housework for us 365 days a year!

Gina (14) and Euvin Kahng (17)

Both of us will go to study in the US, leaving you and Dad behind. We know that you've put in so much trust in us and we're going to do our best for you both. Our gratitude for your care is indescribable. We want to tell you how much we love you: our love for you is higher than the highest sky where birds can fly and as deep as the sea.

Joseph Ho, 16

My dearest Mum: recently we've been arguing about my future, my dreams - and your expectations. Despite the chasm, you're always supportive of every decision I make. You let me pursue my dreams and I am more than grateful for that. Because of you, I have been changed for good. I love you. Muah!

Candace Kwan, 18

I always feel that I've won the "parent lottery". It sounds like a cliche but I'm so lucky to have you in my life. When I go to college in the Unites States this fall, I will miss you (and your nagging) a lot. I promise to call you regularly. Please don't worry about me. Words can't express my thanks for your care, guidance and encouragement. I will strive every day to make you proud. I love you!

Persephone Yau Ka-yan, 13

Sorry Mom! I didn't do my best when I was little. I didn't treasure what you did and gave me. I didn't listen to you carefully and I now regret that. I promise you I will not become a bad girl. I will live happily and try my best to be a successful person one day. This is my gift for you on Mother's Day.

Anahita Sharma, 18

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate everything you've done for us over the last 18 years, for always being positive and supportive about every change and looking out for me the entire way, even when I've been stubborn and stupid. You're always there even when I've failed. You're truly amazing - you have this ability to connect with people, and do great things - and I hope I can match that when I'm grown up. Thank you so much for everything. I'll never be able to repay what you've given me, but maybe the tuition fees - in 20 years.

Emily Leung Man-yin, 12

I know taking care of me is a challenge since I have thalassemia and I was always a bit naughty. But you still make a huge effort to bring me up, and you bear all my naivete and faults. And now I've grown up, so let me take care of you.

Kenny Wong Kai-tim, 12

It was tiring for you to take care of me when I was born premature, and the doctor told you I might die. But you didn't give up on me. I want to thank you so much for not giving up on me and for taking care of me.

Rachel Yiu, 19

Remember 10 years ago, I told you that I wanted to let my pen fly some day? Now it has come true! This Thank-you message on Mother's Day is my best piece of writing because it contains my deepest affection, adoration and heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done for me all these years. Throughout the 19 years, you have devoted everything to your family, especially to this playful girl here. Now I promise you that I will keep on learning and 'sprouting' on the piece of fertile land that you have prepared well for me. One day, you will see this little shoot turn into a robust tree, making contributions to the world. I love you Mum.

Jack Sze, 18

Mum, you are more than valuable, you are priceless, you are the one who gave me my life and raised me.
Mum, you may be treated as the maid at home, but you instead are the master of our home.
Mum, you always give your love to me, and thus you deserved to be loved.
Mum, I owe you, what I can say is "Thank You!"

Lee Ming Ho, 13

I know there is a lot of pressure to spend money on my brother's studies. I've thought over about it and from now on, I'll stop purchasing the models. It will help save money for him as well as make me concentrate on my study.

You've told me your dream is your two sons studying quietly while you are having fun on your mobile phone. I will definitely do my best as a huge gift to you!

Tracy Srivastava, 17

I give you a card on this day every year (or almost every year) but it's nothing close compared to what you do for me. And I'm not just talking about today but every day. It doesn't have to be a special day for you to show me your love but it sure does become one when you do. I can't thank you enough for all that you've done and will continue to do for me. All I can say is thanks for making every day a special one for me. On this day, I remember all the reasons why I love you. I guess it's also Happy Daughter's Day then?

Edelweiss Tuet Tsz-ching, 15

I’ve often thanked God for granting me a super woman who helps deal with the minor problems I come across in life. Sometimes, I don’t only break rules but your heart as well. Yet you always heal with your ‘magic hands’ and ‘magic touch’. I’m not able to afford diamonds or a necklace, what I have is unconditional love and prayers for you. If there’s reincarnation, I’d still like you to be my Super Woman. Nothing on Earth, not space, not time, not even death, could separate both of us. You’ll always be in my heart. Thank you Mummy!

Sonia Tsui, 16

Thank you mum. Thanks for your unconditional love and your limitless patience. I love you because you're the best woman ever. I can't think of anyone who could replace you. Thanks for giving me a life and letting me experience the world. Maybe you can't figure out how much I love you but please remember I love you as much as you love me. When you're reading this message, I will be next to you hugging you. So please remember this moment. No mather what challenge we will face in the future, I'm sure we'll work it out together

And our team's messages to our own mums ...

Susan Ramsay, Editor

When I look for you I find you in my heart and mind

Karly Cox, Deputy Editor

Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous mums of our fabulous readers. (And to my Mummy, the freezer's empty. Good job you taught me how to cook so well ... or so much, anyway)

Leon Lee, Web Editor

I haven't always made things easy for you but you're always there to listen to me and give me advice. I will always remember that you told me that no matter how bad the world gets out there, you can always come home. You're my hero, 媽媽.

Barry Chung, Reporter

I may not show it very often, but you're a big part of my life and I appreciate everything you've taught me.

Joyee Chan, Reporter

I fulfilled your dream, Mum, to be a journalist! I will write for you and strive for the very best.

Yat Hei Wong, Reporter

You have done too much for me. Now it is time for me to do more for you.

Mabel Sieh, Reporter

Thanks for letting me take you to South Korea this year. Now I know why you're so hooked on Korean soap operas. You made the trip fun and memorable, and I'll always remember our moments there together.

Chris Lau, Reporter

Mum, I love you, but I hate your herbal tea.

Dennis, SYP mascot

Happy mutt-her day to all the mums and grannies out there!