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This year, the Xbox celebrates its 10th anniversary; and what better way to mark the occasion than with a new Halo game? Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 returns to the battlefield after a five-year absence to kick some more alien butt.

When Microsoft launched the Xbox, it was considered an extremely brave and risky endeavour. But what helped it to win over so many gamers was the original Halo game. Xbox offered superior online functionality compared to similar gaming platforms which enabled groups of friends to meet online and play Halo together without having to organise a "Lan Party" - a gathering where people brought their computers to play multiplayer games.

A number of packages have been announced by Microsoft Hong Kong for the launch of Halo 4. These include a semi-transparent Halo-themed Xbox 360 with matching twin controllers, and a two-disc limited Collector's Edition of the game, which is overflowing with additional digital content and exclusive bonuses, in addition to the standard "no frills", game-only edition.

The standard edition will cost HK$329 and the Limited Collector's Edition HK$499. Both are available for pre-order between September 27 and October 19, at authorised dealers.

The extra HK$170 for the Collector's Edition is well worth it; check out Xbox's local portal website for the 411 on everything Halo 4-related and all the cool extras you could get.