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This month we celebrate all things manly! Today team Young Post extols the virtues of their favourite male role models

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Barack Obama, the President of the United States, would be a good male role model. Charming and confident, he is a man with a liberal mind. He speaks eloquently and takes responsibility for his family and country. Sometimes, male role models walk a fine line between being manly and anti-women.

But President Obama respects women. He is a great supporter of women's rights, despite his radiating sense of masculinity.

Chris Lau

Of course, my hero has something to do with Genghis Khan. The great Mongol leader surrounded himself with clever men, one of whom came from the far, cold north. His brother had been promised to Genghis Khan's father as a servant, but by the time he was ready, the older man was dead. So he served Genghis Khan instead.

Like his brother, the young Subotai wanted to serve Genghis. He spent a lot of time just listening in at the meetings of the generals. When finally it was his turn to lead, he became the brightest star in the constellation of Mongol warriors.

I think he is the greatest warrior the world has seen. Subotai planned 20 military campaigns. He conquered 32 nations and won 65 battles. He rode all the way to Hungary with the Mongol horde. His battle genius helped to build the greatest land empire in the world.

Susan Ramsay

Nils Pickert. You might not recognise his name since he's not a famous actor, musician or athlete. But this writer from Germany definitely has character that should be recognised.

His five-year-old son enjoys dressing in girls' clothing and regularly goes out in public wearing dresses and skirts. Not only does Pickert let his son do whatever it is that makes him happy, he actually puts on a skirt himself to walk around town with the boy. He wants to show solidarity with his son in the small, traditional German town where they live. In our gender-obsessed society, it takes a lot for a man to put aside his pride like that.

Leon Lee

My male role model changes over time. This year, it is a Tibetan monk - Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche - named "the happiest man in the world" by Time magazine. His teaching of enhancing awareness in the mind through meditation may sound "out of this world" to some people.

But I think there is wisdom in his approach. In today's world, everything is driven by external and material success. Instead, we should heed his words, and start looking inside.

Mabel Sieh

I do not think pop stars, sports superstars, actors and other celebrities can be my role models. I will never get the chance to know them on a personal level. Or more importantly, do these people care for people like us?

All I know about them is what I read in the media so I am proud to say that my role model is my father. He has cared for me all of my life and is truly a fine example for me.

Wong Yat-hei

Human, animal, or dog? I'll go for the best option then - dog. There are many to choose from. But I choose Bobbie! He lived in Oregon, America, in the 1920s. When his family went on a road trip, they took Bobbie along.

But while they were in Indiana, Bobbie lost them. They searched all over for him but couldn't find him. So what did Bobbie do? He walked home.

It took him six months. He walked 4,105 kilometres, across desert and mountains in winter. When he got home his puppy toes were worn to the bone. He became a superhero - and rightfully so.

Dennis Goodboy

I'm apparently a bit of a feminist so it takes quite a lot for me to be impressed by a man's achievements. But there is one whose brilliance overawes me. My ultimate male role model is Nelson Mandela. He has spent his life fighting for what he knows is right. Even after he was imprisoned for 27 years, he focused not on taking revenge, but on bringing peace and equality to his people and his country. Since the end of apartheid in South Africa, he has worked to protect human rights around the world. His ability to forgive, to work with the people who treated him badly, should inspire us all.

Karly Cox

As a nature lover, I look up to the legendary naturalist and filmmaker David Attenborough. He dedicated his life to making documentaries about our bizarre, ferocious and surprisingly beautiful planet. They blew me away. He is the voice of nature. It is my dream to be as well-travelled and well-read as he is.

Joyee Chan