10 life skills every teenage boy needs to learn before he leaves school

Leon Lee
  • These skills aren't just for young men, but it's good to know how to wire a plug, tie a tie and introduce yourself properly
  • Adulting isn't easy, so take all the tips and advice you can get 


Leon Lee |

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Welcome to Brovember, my fellow males. As a man, you face lots of expectations. You're supposed to be strong, hardy and smart. Boy, you might as well be Superman. But hey, we can't all be Clark Kent, can we?

But here are 10 things every man should know, superhero or not.

Tie a necktie

A smart necktie is important for a man. It'll make you look stylish and well-dressed - like you're actually someone important. You should also know how to tie it. Don't just get one of those pre-tied ones or, worse, a clip-on. Five-year-olds wear clip-ons; you shouldn't.

Use a hammer

We can't know all the ins and outs of a toolbox. But you should learn to use at least some tools. Meet the hammer. Practise using one, but mind that thumb!

Know a card game

I'm not saying you should go to Macau and to make or lose a fortune. Young Post doesn't condone gambling. But it'll be nice to know your way around the deck of cards. A game of chor dai dee [Big Two] or Uno is a quick way to make new friends.

Start a fire

I don't mean going to the kitchen and turning on the stove. I mean a proper camp fire. You never know: you might get lost in the woods while hiking one day. Then I bet you'll be glad that you watched that episode of Man vs Wild.

Read a map

Maps on smartphones have made this skill a bit outdated. Still, you should know how to use a proper map. Knowing your way around gives you that manly aura. But no, asking for directions, if need be, is not unmanly when you're really lost.

Give a firm handshake (in non-Covid times)

A weak handshake tells people you are timid. Squeeze too hard and you risk hurting the other person. A good handshake should be a swift yet firm grip squarely in the other person's. Make sure to have eye contact and an easy smile if it's a Westerner.

Throw/catch a ball

It's common belief that all guys should be athletic. This is unfair. But we all have the innate skill to throw objects. It dates back to our mammoth-hunting ancestors. Now go practise throwing and catching.

Tie a knot

Tying a knot might seem easy. It's just loops and passes, after all. But can you do it for real? A strong knot is useful for many daily situations - from putting up decorations to fixing a broken bookbag strap or joining two ropes. You don't want to be the bumbling idiot whose packages fall apart on the street because of a poorly tied knot. No, sir!

Wire a plug

In this day and age, everything has a plug. Yet not too many people know how to wire one. When things are broken, it's easier to just toss it or take it to a repairman. But a few quick twists of a screwdriver and a bit of wiring know-how can help you save money and impress your friends or special someone.

Know CPR

This is a skill that everyone should know, not just men. In case of a medical emergency, a real man should be able to step up and act fast. What is more manly than saving a life by giving first aid to someone who needs it badly?

The skills the ladies in the office think a man needs:

  • He should be my IT/computer devices person.
  • Handyman skills. Repair a fridge, programme a TV, install a hi-fi set, change a light bulb, and fix leaky windowsills.
  • Play a team sport so that he knows how to interact with others.
  • Learn to cook at least one dish really well, something that's tasty, nutritious and looks good. Don't just expect women to cook for you!
  • A man should know how to dance. Please learn at least one type of social dance. Then, we can go dancing at Christmas or on New Year's Eve.