Get accessorised, guys

Leon Lee

Don't just look at the big picture. A few small, careful details can work magic on your looks and image

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On Monday YP deputy editor Karly showed you guys how to pick out a great pair of jeans. But there's more to it if you really want to look good. Obviously a nice top would be a plus, but you'll also need some accessories to complete the outfit.

Accessories will take a good outfit and make it into a great one. They add your personality to the look and highlight your positive features. But don't just go around and start adding random bits. There has to be harmony. You have to look like you know what you're doing. Here are some to set you on the right track ...

1. Hat

For some reason, Hong Kong doesn't really have a hat-wearing culture. However, appropriate headwear, such as a beanie on a particularly chilly day, ups your cool factor. They're also an easy, quick solution to hiding a bad hair day.

2. Glasses

Glasses add a defining horizontal line to your face. This is particularly helpful if you have a longer face as it creates the impression of width. So ditch the contacts and go with some rims. But if you have perfect 20/20 vision, good for you; don't mess up your look with tacky glassless frames.

3. Watch

Yeah, everyone has a smartphone, tablet or gadget that can tell them the time. But a watch is a timeless piece that adds a sense of sophistication. And any guy who needs to be on time, because he actually has places to go and people to see, is sophisticated.

4. Wallet

You need a place to stash your cash and minimal is the way to go. A bulging wallet doesn't necessarily mean you have lots of cash. Instead choose one that's slim and compact so you don't ruin the line of those great jeans you just picked out.

5. Skateboard

Skateboarding is still in its infancy in Hong Kong, but it seems lately that everyone is carrying a board. We're not necessarily sure they know how to ride one, but it certainly adds colour as well as street cred to an outfit.

6. Belt

Besides keeping your trousers from falling down, a good belt ties your whole outfit together. But stay away from old-fashioned leather ones - like those your dad wears to work. Go for a more age-appropriate woven or canvas one. And definitely say no to the big buckle. You're not in the Wild Wild West, cowboy.

7. Keychain

Not an accessory that's for every guy but it's definitely one that's both practical (no more lost keys or wallets) and edgy for those rockers (or wannabe rockers) out there.

8. Bag

When I say bag, I mean one of your own, not using your girlfriend's to hold your things. It means you can carry a load of stuff with you without looking like a hot mess. Canvas and leather book bags are hot items and work with almost any outfit. Messenger bags are cool, too, as long as they don't drag all the way to the floor.

9. Socks

Leave the boring black and white socks for school. Get playful by adding some colour and imagination to your socks. Spring for some brightly coloured pairs and show people you aren't afraid to try something different.

10. Shoes

Your outfit would be wasted if you got everything right except the shoes, which are among the most visible parts of your look. Shoot for some Converse shoes if you want to add colour. Leather sneakers can loosen up an otherwise serious outfit. And buy a nice pair of dress shoes (slightly pointed, with laces) in case you want to look all grown up.