Bring in the new

We always promise ourselves next year will be better; let's see what resolutions the YP team has made for a happy, successful 2013


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2012 was very quiet for me compared with 2011, which was a bit wild. I'm hoping that 2013 will bring about some form of expansion and growth for me. After finding out what bad shape I was in physically last year, I will be more committed to my health, just as soon as we stop all this celebrating.

Susan Ramsay

2012 was a very eventful year for me so I guess my hopes and expectations for 2013 are for a quiet year, so I can rest. But that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to it. I'm hoping to work on a brand-spanking new YP website and the second JRAs. As for a resolution, I'm really going to try to stay away from reading on my iPad and instead read actual books. Really. I've already bought a stack of new books to read so that's a good start.

Leon Lee

I came back from Tasmania last month having eaten, I swear, the best-ever eggs Benedict on that hilly, tree-covered island. My New Year's resolution is to replicate the dish. I've already taken my first baby step. I asked my cousin, who's a chef, how to make poached eggs. The next step is to recreate the yummy, runny hollandaise sauce. What's the number of the sauce aisle in the supermarket?

Chris Lau

Another tea-based New Year resolution from me, who would've guessed? There has been too much Darjeeling tea in my life in the past year, and it's time for a change. I've always had great appreciation for Chinese green tea, so now I'm planning trips to Taiwan and the mainland to find some of the best green teas in the world.

Gareth Pang

Some say the number 13 is unlucky, but if you let yourself be swayed by superstition you'll never achieve anything. I'm taking no notice of it, and working on my "self" - I AM going to return to my study of French, learn to drive, finish unpacking my flat, be more "heart-healthy" (less cheese, exercise more than once a month) and tidy my desk. OK, tidying my desk is a bit ambitious. I'll save that for 2014 ...

Karly Cox

I've been going to a lot of junior reporters' club events, but I seldom write any long feature articles. I am looking forward to doing more of that this year! I also want to touch on some boiling social issues.

Janet Tam, Junior Reporter of the Year

I'll get at least 13 things on my lengthy wish list done in 2013: turn my room into a greenhouse, sign up for courses on ecology, learn quilting and embroidery, travel outside countries I already know well (like Japan, Britain and Spain), make hiking a regular part of life, eat better, cure my shopaholism, tidy my work desk, drive (and not waste the efforts of obtaining a driving licence), expand my bookmark collection, finish the towering stacks of National Geographic issues, learn to invest and make macarons.

Joyee Chan

In 2013, I hope to do more travelling, and go to Japan again (where else?) but also to Europe. My resolution is to eat better and not have my favourite instant noodles so often. That means I will cook more at home. I bought the cookbook written by SCMP food editor Susan Jung and I will try at least 10 of her 80 recipes - but no, this is not a project like the Julie & Julia movie, and there will be no blog of my telling you how I fail to do anything right. Fail or succeed, I think it'll be fun!

Mabel Sieh

I want to make more friends than ever before. But I need to also to be careful not to get busted by Facebook. I spent so much time not being able to make any friends that I was quite sad. Oh, and this year I AM going to win the Readers' Choice awards. C'mon people, I'm a cute, furry, friendly pup. What more could you want?

Dennis Goodboy