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It's been 50 years since Doctor Who first stepped out of a London police box and onto television screens. Doctor Who is a long-running BBC sci-fi show that follows the adventures of the last Time Lord as he travels backwards, forwards, and even up and down in time, battling evil and injustice with his amazing sonic screwdriver and a faithful human companion.

Thanks to his amazing time/space craft, the Tardis (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), whose chameleon circuits are forever stuck in the same disguise, the Doctor has fought the Nazis, battled renegade Time Lords and the evil robot Daleks, to keep humanity safe.

Now Britain's Royal Mail is commemorating this Time Lord landmark with a special set of stamps: one for each of the 11 actors to have played the role. Each stamp features a portrait of the doctor in full colour, apart from William Hartnell, the first Doctor, and Patrick Troughton, the second, who appear in black and white, as they originally did on television.

There will also be a set of four stamps featuring some of the Doctor's biggest foes: the Ood, the Weeping Angel, the Cybermen and, last but not least, the Daleks. The fearsome foursome will be presented with a stamp showing the Tardis.

Of course, the stamps will not be valid for use in Hong Kong, but they are a great collector's item for philatelists and otaku alike, and the Hong Kong Post Office philately desk should get hold of some soon.