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Mind your thoughts as they could be read by a classmate, like in the new anime show Kotoura San.

Haruka Koutorou is a special young girl: she can read people's minds and see their dreams and fantasies. Unfortunately she can't switch off this power, and anybody near her is an open book. She's had this power since she was born; in kindergarten, she started to innocently reveal people's thoughts without knowing what the implications were. Eventually her ability not only drove her friends away, but her parents, too, who felt compelled to disown their young daughter and leave her in the care of her grandfather.

The first episode is pretty dark and distressing. It tells Haruka's back story, and sensitive viewers will wish they could give the girl a hug and tell her everything will be OK. Luckily she meets Yoshihisa, whose simple and childish mind sweeps away in an instant the dark foggy haze that she has been trapped in. Like the summer sun, he brings about the beginning of happier times and a surprise boyfriend.

While the first episode was very well written and promised some depth yet to come, later episodes start to follow more stereotypical high school dramedy plot lines. After such a promising start, this is a little a disappointing, but if the excellent first episode pulls you into the story, you'll probably want to commit to the less impressive but far funnier following parts.

Keep an eye out for Kotoura San - Haruka wants to read your mind sometime soon on one of your favourite anime stations.