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Student Mak Wai-ling (centre) chats to a school friend while using YHKCC's intranet platform.
A new online learning platform at the YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College (YHKCC), which bridges the gap between teachers, parents and students, was honoured at last week's Hong Kong ICT Awards.

YHKCC worked together with website design company WestcomZivo to develop a tailor-made intranet for its students two years ago.

The interactive online platform won the Best SME ICT (Adoption) Bronze Award.

"Many schools buy their system from a provider," says Dion Chen, YHKCC's deputy principal.

"But our school is a bit different because we have students doing both local and overseas curriculums. So we decided to create our own online platform, which combines both the administrative and learning aspects to meet the needs of our school."

Students can check administrative information, such as their grades, attendance and behavioural records. The intranet also allows students to go online to access notes and other study resources.

Chen says the advantage of the online platform is its ability to connect teachers, students and parents.

"Some of our students' parents work overseas," Chen says. "Now they can go online to track school records of their sons and daughters, such as service hours, merits and academic results."

The school's intranet platform, which was made available from the start of the school year last September, is still in phase one of its development.

In phase two, the school will focus more on adding new learning modules and functions. It hopes students will use instant messaging to ask teachers questions.