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Sidney Lee (second right) with (from left) Jessie, Samantha, and Humbo
A winged painter designed by a Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Logos Academy student will be Hong Kong's official mascot for this year's International Museum Day (IMD).

Samantha Fung Yat-sum entered the "Design to Empower - Mascot Design Competition" in February. Out of more than 280 entries, Samantha's came first.

The competition aimed to raise awareness of the importance of museums as custodians of history. It was co-organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Hong Kong Design Centre.

"I found out that the first museum in the world was for sculptures. So I based my design on that," Samantha said. Her mascot, named Muse, was inspired by ancient sculptures, with wavy hair representing Victoria Harbour's swells and wings showing Hong Kong's valuable freedom.

Adjudicator Sidney Lee Sut-leung, of the Hong Kong Design Centre, said Samantha was the winner because she had done thorough research, and made the effort to interview people before finishing her design.

Second place went to Jessie Zhu Shu-hua, and third to Humbo J Chin, both students of CCC Rotary Secondary School.

IMD 2013 takes place from May 8 to 19, with lots of free activities. For more information, visit