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Students around the city came up with creative ideas to raise funds for OSC, writes Wong Yat-hei

This year, students from 25 Hong Kong schools raised a total of HK$475,692 for Operation Santa Claus (OSC). Shung Tak Catholic English College received the most creative school award, while Discovery Mind Kindergarten raised the most funds among all schools for the third year in a row.

The announcement was made at the OSC closing ceremony at the Grand Hyatt hotel on Monday. This year, proceeds will go to 13 local charity organisations. OSC is the annual charity campaign co-organised by the South China Morning Post and RTHK.

Five pupils from Shung Tak Catholic English College accepted the award on behalf of the school. Students organised a range of activities, including a dog show, student-teacher dodge-ball matches, a fun fair and a singing contest featuring performances by students and Canto-pop singer Jonathan Wong.

Carolyn Law Choi-wu, vice-chair of the college's Students' Union, said: 'Teachers and students were very generous, and all the events were well received. It was great.'

Top donators Discovery Mind Kindergarten collected HK$114,850 from their charity walk.

Creative Secondary School came second, raising HK$48,033 with its Singing Marathon on December 12.

Flora Wong, a social worker at the school, said: 'The school chose to raise funds for OSC because it is a brilliant community-based activity. It drives schools to organise creative activities to raise money. And it is a charity that benefits organisations in different fields that need help.'

Kiangsu & Chekiang Primary School, International Section, was the third top school fund-raiser, collecting HK$45,402. The school organised a dress casual day, book sale, pyjama party and T-shirt printing, among many other events.

Sandra Wyatt, the section's deputy head teacher, said: 'Students ... from kindergarten up to Primary Six all played a part in raising money. It's a good chance for them to give back to society.'

Dress casual days were a successful way to raise funds. Students at St Catharine's School For Girls (Kwun Tong) collected HK$15,285, and upper primary students at Hong Kong International School raised HK$40,105.

St Mark's School had a fund-raising month, with sports competitions, a famine day, talent show, a bazaar and candygram service collecting HK$40,225.

Diocesan Boys' School & Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division raised HK$3,000 by asking for donations to hang cards on a Christmas tree. Diocesan Girls' School gave HK$5,000 of the proceeds from their bazaar to OSC, while Methodist College students sold cookies and ran a bingo game to raise HK$6,831.

While some schools did not hold special events, they still contributed. Victoria (Ho Man Tin) International Nursery collected HK$9,549 from parents and students; Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School raised HK$5,946; YMCA of Hong Kong International Kindergarten chipped in HK$2,260; and Class 5C of Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School donated HK$1,000.

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