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Wong Yat-hei
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Students taking part in this year's Operation Santa Claus. Photo: Shung Tak Catholic English College

Dogs and teachers star as Shung Tak Catholic English College raises HK$38,302 for charity, writes Wong Yat-hei

Shung Tak Catholic English College came up with a series of activities this month to raise money for Operation Santa Claus, the annual charity fund-raising campaign co-founded by the South China Morning Post and RTHK.

Altogether, a superstar dog show, student-teacher football and dodge ball matches, a fun fair and a singing contest raised HK$38,302 for worthy causes.

At lunch time on December 11, students paid HK$4 to see performances by the dogs who had starred in TV commercials and magazines.

The student-teacher football and dodge ball matches were held on December 15 and 17, and even the students who weren't playing got a chance to be involved.

The teachers' teams were elected, with students paying at least HK$1 for every vote they cast.

The principal and vice-principal had kindly offered to chip in a sum of money for every goal scored in the football match. This may have proved expensive, as the game ended in a 9-all draw.

The activities climaxed on December 18, the school's Operation Santa Claus Day.

Lunchtime was extended so that students could enjoy a fun fair, with food stalls and a shop selling students' handmade stationery.

The day ended with a Singing Competition, featuring performances by students and local pop singer Jonathan Wong. Tickets were priced from HK$5 to HK$12.

Carolyn Law Choi-wu, vice-chairperson of the college's Students' Union, said: 'Teachers and students were all very generous and all the events were well-received by students. It was great.'

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