Girls: decoded

The girls on the Young Post team and cadet programme explain what every boy should know about the opposite sex


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Guys, if you've ever felt like girls are speaking another language, or even members of a different species, our guide should clear up some of the mysteries you face.

Surprisingly, income and assets are not a girl's biggest concern; it's presence we want, not presents! While gifts do matter (to a certain extent), the qualities we really look for are spontaneity, charisma and openness. Listen to a girl properly. Don't spend too much time bragging about yourself! And while all girls need comforting every now and then, that doesn't mean lie to us!

Claudia Hayley Leung, YP cadet

Girls do go to the bathroom in groups. But it's not because we're members of a secret clan and are having a ritualistic ceremony. Nor are we gossiping about the entire male population, not even you. We are keeping each other company, continuing our fabulous conversations, and checking each other's hair, outfits and make-up. Not such a mystery after all!

Beatrice Cohen, YP cadet

Just because a girl wears trousers doesn't mean she's a tomboy, or not feminine! Girls can find trousers more comfortable than skirts and shorts, and sometimes, we choose comfort over looks. That, however, doesn't give you the right to judge us. Our fashion statements often reflect our mood more than our personality. Get that straight and we're good.

Vidushi Sasha Saksena, YP cadet

Girls are sensitive creatures. We care about people - our family and friends, even strangers. It's our natural ability to feel for others. So we don't like it when you ignore our feelings or make jokes about them. When you talk to us, don't just listen to what we say; pay attention to our tone and the emotions we express. There is always a more important message behind our words. When you get our feelings, you get us.

Mabel Sieh, reporter

Girls are very different to guys. What's important to a girl - whether she is your friend, a crush, or your sister - is quite possibly of no consequence to a male. A guy needs to accept that sometimes what he thinks is insignificant could mean the world to a girl. Don't make her feel that she is stupid. Understanding how someone else sees the world, and respecting that, is key.

Heidi Yeung, sub-editor

So what are our guys' biggest issues when it comes to girls?

I've noticed that girls don't play video games as much as boys do. What do they do in their spare time? From what I see, it seems like nail polish and gossip are the female versions of video games. My problem is that video games are fun; drawing pictures on your nails is not.

Can someone explain this concept to me? My ignorant male brain needs enlightenment.

Lawrence Liang, YP cadet

I would like the superpower to decipher girls' yeses and nos. Often I've asked my girlfriend-of-the-moment: "Hey, do you want to come over for an (awkward) family dinner (which will make you feel extremely uncomfortable as my mum is a notorious question asker) this Saturday?" And she normally says: "Yes, I'd love to."

But after dinner, she gets annoyed that I put her in a difficult position. Well, I did warn you!

One time, I asked a girl: "Would you mind spending this Friday night at my friend's house so we can watch a (boring) NBA playoff game?" She said she didn't mind.

But since that night, we've scarcely spoken. But she did say she didn't mind, right? What did I miss? Forget Google Translate, I need Girl Translate ...

Chris Lau, reporter