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In this and the next two issues, our six panel leaders, who are experts in their fields, share their thoughts with Young Post on the qualities necessary for this year’s winners: good all-round skills and creativity

Professor Alvin Leung Seung-ming (for Grand Prize Award)

Dean, Faculty of Education, Chinese University

What qualities should the Grand Prize winner have?

You need to be an all-rounder, which means you must possess fundamental knowledge but also have good communication skills. In today's world, we especially need good communicators and team players. You should be someone who can express your thoughts and understand others' viewpoints.

In school, there is a lot of focus on competitions, and students are always pushed to climb to the top of the scale. But relationships matter in the workplace and in life. It is vital that you be empathetic and sensitive to others' needs.

What advice would you have for today's students?

I found that many students today lack a sense of purpose. They don't have a clear vision of what they want to do in the future. But a purpose is what motivates you to keep going. It gives you meaning.

Your dreams may change during different phases and will be shaped by experiences. That's why you need to learn to listen to yourself. It is only through looking within and constantly reflecting on your different experiences that you'll be able to understand and find your passion. If you understand yourself, you will be able to make good choices throughout your life, rather than be swayed by other people.

Having a positive attitude is also a key to success. Life has many constraints, but it is also full of possibilities. There is always a lesson in every failure. So learn to take one step at a time and enjoy the process, not just the result.

You also need to pay attention to your physical health; your body is a necessary tool to carry out your interests and dreams.

Henry Lau Hoo-cheong (for Visual Artist Award)

Founder, Simply Art and Young Artist Foundation

What qualities should the winner of the Visual Artist Award have?

You should be creative with a good aesthetic sense.

You should be enthusiastic about visual arts and have gained achievements locally and internationally. And you have brought art to the community in and outside Hong Kong through exhibitions or public workshops.

You are knowledgeable about trends in the field and willing to accept different points of view and continue to enhance your own skills.

How is art important to individuals and society?

Art is important because it helps us to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the world. Art allows us to explore and express our creative talents, so often ignored in our daily routines and stressful environment.

Art is also a powerful and universal communication tool that brings together people who speak different languages and live in different cultures. Every society is shaped by individuals' ideas and thoughts, and art is definitely one of the common platforms that generate those ideas and thoughts, and open up interesting discussions and debates. It helps to develop a creative force and direction that forms the knowledge, culture and history in a society.

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