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Google today released the Most-Searched and –Trended Key Words List in Hong Kong for 2013. The results were extremely varied and offered an insight into the people of this city.

Like last year, the most commonly searched terms were "Google", "Yahoo", "Facebook" and "YouTube" while repeating terms "Apple Daily" and "TVB" swapped places this year, sitting in fifth and seventh place respectively.

The most searched words in the films category revealed our city’s go-to genres this year were comedies, dramas and thrillers. In the television series category, South Korean dramas reigned supreme, but it was the South Korean variety show Running Man that sat in top place.

The list also showed the late Canto-pop singer and actress Sita Chan Hei-yi at the top of the search list, followed by Canadian-Chinese Elisa Lam who mysteriously died in an Los Angeles hotel in February, and then by American NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

In terms of news, local netizens were most concerned about Typhoon Usagi, which hit Hong Kong on September 22. This was closely followed by the city’s outrage over HKTV's licence rejection, the H7N9 virus, and the giant yellow duck who stopped by Victoria Harbour earlier this year.

The most trended words on mobile devices were the Mark Six and mobile phone games Tower of Saviors and Puzzles & Dragons, revealing the city's growing attachment to mobile phones and tablets. As for their phone of choice, Google revealed the Samsung Galaxy S4 topped the list of most searched mobile devices, with iPhone 5s in second place.

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