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It’s not only about GPS ability these days. Here are the latest devices that show your location – and more

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Most young people nowadays have no clue on how to use a compass because everyone looks at a GPS device for directions. Young Post talked to hiking specialists on the latest and coolest gadgets that can help you find your way on hiking trips.

Garmin GPS Map 62 sc

Price - HK$4,990

What's great - This hi-tech device has a big colour screen that gives you information about your surroundings - such as where the closest campsite is - and helps you plan your route. It also has a camera for you to record places you have been to. It can guide you back in case you lose your way. The device is so powerful, it can pick up a signal even if you're deep in the jungle. Available in both English and Chinese.

What's not - It's pretty bulky, so probably only advanced hikers would want to lug it around.

Fenix GPS watch by Garmin

Price - HK$3,599

What's great - Besides showing your location, altitude and temperature, this nifty "toy" also has a map that can help you plan routes - a function rare among GPS watches. It can be connected to a computer through a USB port so that you can keep track of where you've been and other details. Great for the hiker who isn't keen on carrying a GPS device in their bag. Once charged, it can operate for more than 10 hours.

What's not - The screen is small and in black and white.

eTrex 30 by Garmin

Price - HK$2,341

What's great - The device is perfect for those who like travelling round the world. Users can visit the distributor's office and download maps of various places around the globe into the device. It has a built-in compass, so you can still find north even if you're lost deep in the mountains without a satellite signal.

What's not - Yes, you'll know where you are, but it cannot help you plan your routes.

Garmin Forerunner 220

Price - HK$2,262

Gamin Forerunner 620

Price - HK$3,337

What's great - Here are two watches suitable for hiking and running. They measure your heart rate and calories burnt. They can count the number of laps you have finished when you are running in circles. Both watches can be connected to a computer through a USB, so you can share your achievements. The 620 can connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, which allows you to share your running experience on social media conveniently.

What's not - It does not have maps showing where you're going.

Special thanks to RC Outfitters and Chamonix Alphine Equipment for providing information.

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