Chilly weather bites

Mabel Sieh

With temperatures plunging, Young Post readers refuse to give in to the big freeze

Mabel Sieh |

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Warm water is Conan Tsang's antidote
The northeast monsoon caused the city's temperature this week to drop to as low as 6.5 degrees Celsius at Ngong Ping. The cold weather warning was issued at 7.45am yesterday.

But Young Post readers are finding smart ways to stay warm.

Kate Ng, a student at the University of Hong Kong, is making the most of her friends. "I live in halls of residence, so when I feel cold, I hug my hall mates. ... This keeps my outside and inside warm."

Conan Tsang, 18, has a more scientific approach. "My antidote to this chilly weather is to drink warm water," says the Chinese University student.

"Water has a rather high specific heat capacity, so when it circulates inside your body, you'll feel as if your blood is getting warmer and warmer."

Hua Yuk-ting, 14, a South Island student, is more traditional. "I sit under my thick duvet doing nothing - except moan about the 'polar' Hong Kong weather."

Two Junior Reporters believe in warming up from the inside out, with Ruby Leung, 16, from Maryknoll Convent School, opting for "a big bowl of dandan noodles or Japanese ramen - adding lots of chilli sauce helps loads!" Meanwhile, Henry Lui, 14, of Shatin College, says: "I am forced to keep myself warm with pots and pots of Earl Grey tea. It's a sign that there is clearly not enough global warming in this world." We assume he's joking. But no matter how you do it, keep warm while this cold spell lasts.

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