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Sabon's 'Celebrate Everyday Moments' scented sachet is thick, well-presented in a cloth pillow-esque bag, and packed with what I presume are scented seeds or beads.

The scent is sugary-sweet, with hints of maybe vanilla, which lingers but isn't overwhelming (which is good, I can't stand really strong scents). I was surprised at how the scent has lingered, after four weeks it still smells the same as it did when I started using it.

I personally prefer fresh, clean smelling scents (think baby powder, or freshly dried towels) - nothing overly fussy, sweet or floral, which means the scented sachet is slightly too sweet for me. Having said that, its longevity, its sheer prettiness, and the subtle scent has won me over.

Sabon doesn't always have scented sachets available, but when they do, and if you're looking to add a subtle scent to your room, it could be just what you need.

Price: HK$130, Sabon stores and counters