9 inevitable stages of pulling an all-nighter

Ally Chan

We've all done it, and will probably have to again in the future. Maybe we should learn from it and just start our work now!...maybe later.

Ally Chan |

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With the heavy load of assignment and tests, a lot of students have become all-nighters, working non-stop until the sun rises:

1. Procrastinating 

Keep convincing yourself you will definitely be able to finish the work and hand it in on time.

2. Relaxing

Convincing yourself you deserve a break ... from having done nothing yet.

3. Panicking

Realising it is almost midnight and your essay doesn't even have a heading yet.

4. Caffeine

Knowing you might not be able to last the whole night so coffee becomes your new best friend.

5. Regretting

Waste more time chastising yourself for lazing around earlier.

6. Getting work done 

After so much stress and emotional breakdown, you finally get yourself together and start working.

7. Trying to fix computers/printers

Because technology always fails us when we need them most.

8. Sleep ... finally

Finally completing your work and being able to get some beauty sleep ... all 45 mins of it.

9. Not being able to fall asleep because you're questioning your life choices

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