9 habits that are never not annoying

By Junior Reporter Michael Ho

Hands up if you're guilty of one of these or you know someone who is

By Junior Reporter Michael Ho |

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1. Bouncing your leg

We all know someone who can’t sit still. There are many different ways in which people fidget, but one that is very noticeable and irritating, is of course, leg bouncing. When you’re sitting next to someone who’s bouncing their legs, you may tolerate them for a while - but after 5 or 10 minutes, it will start getting to you. Trust me!

2. Chewing with your mouth open/full

Nobody likes seeing a mouthful of half-chewed up food. Chew with your mouth shut, okay? Thanks.

3. Hiding behind, "I'm just kidding!"

Some people are natural jokesters and can't help seizing every opportunity to make a funny. What's annoying is when that clown doesn't know their audience or surroundings, or - worse still - doesn't care and crack jokes that are clearly only for their own amusement regardless of whether those around might appreciate it. If you don't care that you might offend someone, you're not funny, you're a jerk.

4. Pretending you’re listening to someone when really you’re not

When you’re really excited about something, and you want to tell someone about it, it really hurts when they only pretend to listen. Dismissive and distant answers like, “oh, that's nice”, and “cool” are so annoying and disrespectful!

5. Incessant Complaining

We all occasionally have bad days when we need to go to someone to complain about it for a good hour or two, but if "occasionally" turns into habit it gts really annoying. Normalising complaining and making it part of your everyday life is not only irritating, even if your audience if your BFF, it also encourages an attitude of focusing on the negatives. It's a no-win situation. 

6. Not really asking for advice

"Hey, which book should I read next? The Borrowed or Pride & Prejudice?" "Well, The Borrowed is a great modern mystery by a HK award-winning author, but I'd say Pride and Prejudice, if you haven't read it already. It's a classic!" "Hmm ... I think I'll just wait for the new John Green book." THEN WHY DID YOU EVEN ASK MY OPINION?!

7. Bragging

Fact: those who are good never need to tell others that they're good - people already know that without being told. Something to think on.

8. Telling jokes that people have heard 1 million times before

Actually, it's not the joke itself that's the problem, it's when people expect others to still react like they haven't heard it a million times before. Hey, buddy, face it: nobody’s laughing. Becanse:  A. It’s not funny when it's that old, and B. IT’S ANNOYING!!

9. Interrupting people!

Of all the habits listed so far, this is by far the most annoying. Not only that, it’s impolite! Nobody likes to be interrupted in the middle of a sentence. If someone’s already speaking, wait for them to finish. Even if you’re sitting on the edge of your seat, wait. 

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