The 9 best back-to-school tips to ensure you have fun and stay organised this year

YP Team

From clearing clutter to joining new clubs, here's some advice to make sure you start the new term off on the right foot

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After the summer holidays, it's back to school for many students.

Going back to school won’t be so painful if you do it right. Evidently, the YP team had to learn from their mistakes, but you can save yourself the distress by following their advice.

Have a clear-out of all the clutter you accumulated last year! I always seemed to have random homework sheets and dried up pens lurking at the bottom of my locker or schoolbag, and they would build up year after year like geological layers. If you don’t want to be like me, take the time to sort through your loose papers or old stationery, and throw away anything you don’t need.

Charlotte Ames-Ettridge, Sub-editor

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I recommend you to start thinking about the goals you want to accomplish over the next school term. Write them down, then brainstorm how you can achieve them by breaking them into daily achievable tasks. It’s best to plan your weekly schedule before the start of your academic year, because this is when you will feel the most energised and motivated!

Nicola Chan, Reporter

Imagine you are paying for your tuition with your own money and make sure you get your money’s worth. So make use of the teachers to learn things, make use of the sports facilities to try new sports, make use of your breaks to meet new friends and talk about interesting things.

Susan Ramsay, Editor

I would always start the school year with a brand new planner and the goal to be super organised. But by the third week of the new term, that planner would be buried in my locker and my backpack would be stuffed with random, crumpled up papers. DO NOT let this happen! Start a planner and stick to it; put up reminders all around your room if you have to. It will make your life so much easier to be on top of things, rather than leaving everything to the last minute.

Dannielle Higginbotham, Web Editor

Make the very most of your last few remaining days of the summer holiday. You don’t want to get back to your desk and regret all the things you wish you had done when you didn’t have to worry about exams and homework. Spend a day at one of HK’s beautiful outlying islands, visit an animal cafe, binge that series on Netflix – the world is your oyster right now!

Nicole Moraleda, Sub-editor

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Don’t wait until the last day to adjust your sleep schedule – it never works. The best way is to slowly and gradually adjust back to normal sleeping times.

Wong Tsui-kai, Web Reporter

Sign up for something new and different at school. Perhaps there’s a club you’ve been itching to be a part of, or maybe you want to learn how to play a new sport, but have been afraid to do so. Don’t be scared to try new things, even if you feel like you might not be good at it. School is the best place to try new things and make new friends. I wish I did more extra-curricular activities school, and was more willing to step out of my comfort zone.

Rhea Mogul, Junior Reporters’ Manager

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Start the new term right by arriving to school on time – or better yet, early. It will make a good impression on your homeroom teacher, plus you can grab a good seat and save the one beside it for your best friend.

Jamie Lam, Special Projects Editor

Pack your school bag now. Right now. Make sure you have your stationery sorted, you know where your textbooks are, and (most importantly) check your PE kit is clean (I remember tales of people shoving it under a bed in June, and wondering what that weird smell in their room was, all summer ... ). The night-before panic of not being ready sucks, so do yourself this one little favour, and get it sorted today.

Karly Cox, Deputy Editor

Edited by Nicole Moraleda