Think outside the socks for Father’s Day and give him something cool

YP ReporterVeronica Lin

With Father’s Day next Sunday, here are a few ideas for those who haven’t got their dads anything yet

YP ReporterVeronica Lin |

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Why is it that dads seem so much harder to shop for than mums? With Father’s Day just a week away, for those of you who have yet to get your dad something nice, here are a few ideas that aren’t socks or ties.

For the forgetful father

“Where are my keys? Anyone seen my wallet? Can someone call my mobile?” If those are shouted regularly in your home, get your scatterbrain dad a digital tracker that works with iPhones and Androids, and are slim and easy to attach to anything he might misplace regularly. With just a click of a button, his belongers will let him know exactly where he left them last, and remind him if he’s left them behind.

Keep the cuppa warm

If your father spends hours in the office, he’ll understand the struggle of needing a comforting sip of tea or coffee, only to find it had chilled in his office’s air conditioned sub-zero temperature. A USB heated coaster is slim, easy to use, and will keep his mug warm throughout the day. There are plenty of options online, and at reasonable prices. There are even ones that double as a clock!

Sock it to him

To show he’s taught you a wicked sense of humour, get him a sock dispenser for all the socks you’ve given him down the years!

Goodnight, papa

Chances are, your dad is stressed often. It’s not easy to take care of a family! If he has trouble sleeping, buy him an app that’s designed to help him sleep quicker and deeper. Best of all, many of these apps are free! But if you do want to spend money on an app, Sleep Genius is a great option. It’s “the most scientifically designed sound program for sleep in the world today”, and comes with settings to help induce sleep, power naps, and more.

Full of beans

As an accountant, my dad really wants his children to “stop wasting money on useless presents”. However, as a coffee fiend, one present my dad particularly appreciated was when myself and my siblings clubbed together to buy him a coffee machine. The best part is, every year if we’re stuck for ideas, we just get him some new flavours to try or refill sachets for the machine – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Lucy Christie, sub editor

High Roller

I think most dads would also like something that’s relevant to whatever hobby they’re into. Mine’s mountain-biking so an ideal WANT (or dream -- for I’d most probably need to win the Mark 6 to get the thing), would be a handbuilt Jones Titanium Spaceframe... Then again, on a more somber note, I wish my dad was still around so I could still get to greet him on Father’s day...

Mario Rivera, designer

Ear’s a good idea!

Ear plugs. My dad visits HK a lot and gets very stressed by the constant noise of shouting, sneezing, coughing, horn-tooting… He really needs to chill out about it all and go with the flow. But a pair of plugs may be the next best thing.

Lauren James, sub editor

Daddy cool

Instead of worn out jeans or anything vintage/nostalgic, dads would really want a gift that’s made in the 21st century! So why not take them on a shopping tour in Central and give them a makeover, so they, too, can keep up with the Kardashians!

YP cadet Veronica Lin

The hardest gift to deliver

I’ve always struggled to find a gift for my dad. He likes the Kindle and the wallet I gave me, but that’s about it, I can’t send him a Kindle every year. As for what he REALLY wants, I’d say some family time and me listening to him nagging without talking back for a whole day. I’ll try for this year’s Father’s Day, wish me luck!

Young Wang, web reporter