Some serious eye candy for Valentine's Day

By Heidi Yeung

This Valentine's Day, let your eyes do the talking. Here are three fun looks you can try on Saturday

By Heidi Yeung |

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This year, bright eyeshadows and liners are popping up on all the major runways and pages of fashion magazines. You can either go for a colour that contrasts and highlights your eye colour, or a bold neon shade to make a statement.

This layered colourful eyeliner look Ariel is sporting is easier than it appears, but it does take patience. Not ready for such a dramatic shape? That's okay! You can try layering two colours, one on top of the other, and end at your natural lashline. Or create one line that graduates from one colour to the next. Just have fun with it!

Dramatic liner

This is a classic look with so many variations, it never goes out of style. The trick is to make sure the wings are the same on both eyes. Most people find one eye easier to line than the other, so draw the wing on your more challenging eye first. That way you can copy it on the easy eye.

If lining all around the eye looks too severe on you, try leaving your bottom lashline clean, or only line it from the outer corner to a third or half-way in. Smudge it a little with a cotton-bud to soften the look.

Flutter those lashes

False lashes are a lot of fun to wear but they do take getting used to - and it takes some practice to put them on properly. The ones with criss-crossing lashes that look like a fan look the fullest, fluffiest, and most dramatic.

If you're trying lashes for the first time, a set with lashes all pointing in one direction, with shorter lashes at the inner corner and longer ones at the outer corner, looks the most natural and is easiest to wear.