48 things to do in Hong Kong this summer that aren't hanging at the mall or holiday studying

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Say goodbye to boredom and hello to our summer bucket list

YP ReporterSnehaa Senthamilselvan Easwarihoi ting helen toShayna Sujanani |

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School is nearly over, which hopefully means you’ve got some free time on the horizon. But instead of spending it just sleeping and studying, try to complete the Young Post 2016 Bucket List – 48 things everyone should do this holiday!

1. Go rock pooling in Sai Wan and Ham Tin

2. Have an all-day Netflix movie marathon, with popcorn, obviously

3. Hike over the Peak Trail

4. Try open water swimming from Repulse Bay to South Bay

5. Watch Faye Wong in Shanghai (even though tickets cost at least HK$3,000!)

6. Make a green-tea honey cake

7. Find a sustainable, enjoyable way to exercise

8. Sign up for first-aid lessons

9. Go to Summer Sonic in Japan to see Radiohead and Weezer

10. Take part in at least one trail-running race

11. Learn to windsurf

12. Get an ice cream from Emack & Bolio’s and make the most exciting Instagram post ever

13. Join an extreme sports group, like Project X or Adventure Spirit, and make friends while defying death

14. Watch Finding Dory

15. Watch Suicide Squad

16. Watch The BFG

17. Do a spacescape with spray paint like you see on YouTube all the time

18. Cycle around Plover Cove reservoir

19. Try yoga, especially fly and hot yoga

20. Read at least three vintage books – we’re starting with Chronicle Of A Death Foretold, A Room with A View and The Alchemist

21. Produce a scrapbook of cool things that have happened so far this year

22. Hike from Mui Wo to Discovery Bay

23. Watch at least 10 foreign films from a range of time periods

24. Go mountain biking on the Ho Pui downhill trail in Tai Mo Shan

25. Learn seven different ways to cook chicken breast

26. Hike the Tsing Yi Nature Trail at sunset to photograph Tsing Ma Bridge

27. Learn how to play guitar or drums

28. Learn how to cook three new dishes

29. Learn sign language and have a conversation with a non-hearing Hongkonger

30. Pick up French/Japanese/Italian/Putonghua/Russian (again)

31. Visit all the second-hand bookshops in Hong Kong to find a favourite

32. Spend a day unplugged from technology, and realise how much time there actually is in a day

33. Go camping with friends in Sai Kung

34. Escape a locked room at Freeing HK

35. Go kayaking in Repulse Bay

36. Visit one of the harder-to-get-to islands, like Kiu Tsui or Po Toi

37. Play Overwatch

38. Learn to code

39. Abseil down waterfalls (Ma Da stream is the perfect place, but go with a guide; it costs about HK$400 for a full-day trip)

40. Challenge yourself to spend only HK$100 for a week – total. You’ll realise life can actually be lived quite simply! Donate the money saved to a good cause, or save it up for a special trip

41. Take a dog (or three) to the beach

42. Go to the batting cages and see why so many people are so crazy about baseball/softball

43. Try out all of Hong Kong’s salad spots

44. Cover yourself in those golden, temporary tattoos that are everywhere

45. Head to Yuen Long’s Kei Kee Dessert for B Boy herbal jelly, said to balance the body’s yin and yang

46. Tidy your room – really, throw away everything you haven’t touched in years, and end your parents’ nagging

47. Spend a day volunteering at SPCA or Hong Kong Alleycat Watch

48. Get started on that novel you keep talking about

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How many of these ideas will you try? Take a photo and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us with @youngposthk and hashtag it #YPsummerbucketlist!