Your guide to Macau’s secret street art

By Tiffany Choi

Your next tour of Macau needs to be a graffiti-themed one

By Tiffany Choi |

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There is art by both local and international artists.

There are already countless reasons to visit Macau; not only does it boast great food and gorgeous architecture, it’s also just a hop, skip and short ferry ride away. But Macau has something else to offer art and instagram lovers alike: its grafitti art. If you go hunting, you’ll find walls covered in bold, vibrant murals. Your phone’s camera roll is sure to be overflowing with new material to beautify your IG account. Allow Young Post to take you on a graffiti tour...

A ferry from Hong Kong to Macau will take around an hour. Once you arrive, you can take a free shuttle from the ferry terminal to Galaxy Macau. From there, it’s just a 10-minute walk to the quaint Taipa Village Art Space, where you can view art by both local and international artists. And good news! The gallery just happens to be next to Macau’s most famous food street, Rua do Cunha, where you can sample pork buns, sawdust pudding cake, and Portuguese egg tarts.

Once your taste buds are satisfied, take bus No#33 (to Fai Chi Kei) and get off at Almeida Riberio. This area is famous for the ruins of St Paul’s and the colourful, geometric patterns covering the buildings in Calçada do Amparo, but keep walking and you’ll reach the Patio De Chon Sau. Here, you’ll meet a cow, a kindly man and a rainbow-coloured zebra – art installations that have taken up permanent residence there. As well as these fun sculptures, the walls of the street are sprayed with graffiti art.

From pretty to funky, you'll find something that sparks your imagination.
Photo: Joshua Lee/SCMP

We’ve saved the best stop on the graffiti tour until last: Anim’Arte Nam Van. It’s a 15-minute walk or a speedy 19 patacas (HK$18.5) taxi ride from the Patio De Chon Sau. Anim’Arte Nam Van is a pretty waterfront spot with several graffiti walls. These are updated with new themes from time to time, so you’ll always have a reason to go back and find something new. With seating areas near the murals, you can sit, relax and take in the artwork.

After that, there’s nothing left to do but let everyone admire your snaps from the day.

Edited by Charlotte Ames-Ettridge