12 stages of if Pokemon Go was made for dogs

You think people were excited when Pokemon Go came out? Can you imagine if it was made for DOGS?!?!

Susan Ramsay |

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Dogs are, as your probably know, easily excitable. Even the sight of their leash taken off the hook where it hangs sends them into a frenzy. So can you envision what they'd be like if something as awesome as Pokemon Go was made for their pleasure? Can you say ba-na-nas? Lol

1. I heard the hoomins have this new game call Pokemon Go, I wonder if there's a doggy version. I'll check ...


2. I'm a good boy. I'm patiently waiting. 


3. Wait, what? It’s still not available for dogs yet? Why I oughtta ... 


4. Sorry. I'll chill. Have you seen it yet?


5. Is this it? Is this it? I think I heard it!




7. This is the best thing ever!


8. Let me catch one more Pokemon. Just one!


9. I'm sure I saw one just here!


10. What d’you mean this is not a Pokeball???


11. MUM! I can’t come home right now!


12. What d’you mean I can’t catch them ALL?