From giving Greta Thunberg her own country, to helping a friend in the US, here's what we would do if we had Santa's gifts for day


With great power comes great responsibility, but 'Young Post’s' junior reporters know exactly what they’d do if they had Santa’s magic powers

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Do you want to be this guy? What presents would you get for your friends and family if you were?

If you were to tiptoe into someone’s bedroom as a magical Santa tomorrow night, and you could help this person fulfil a wish with your special power, who would you like to surprise and what wonder would you like to bring them? Here are the miracles our junior reporters would love to work for the good of their family, friends, or the world!

I would be my mom’s Santa and will gift her the ease of travel ... as in, she can go anywhere she wants to in the world regardless of country and time by stepping into a portal. I believe my mother is the type that never allows herself to let go of responsibilities and in doing so, missed many opportunities to satisfy her wanderlust and travel to her heart’s content. I wish she can spend more time doing what she loves doing.

Kai U Cheang, 17, Macau Anglican College

I would grant Greta Thunberg the power to govern a whole new country! After all, her lobbying work aims ultimately at encouraging green policies around the world, bringing climate change to a grinding halt. With both passion and public recognition, what she needs is executive and bargaining power. Citizens of this nation would be her advocators, and ideally they were much more willing to work together towards green objectives than the others. The Earth needs a more powerful Greta Thunberg!

Nester Chik Yiu-kai, 17, Sing Yin College

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One person I’d like to be a magical Santa for would be a friend of mine who really enjoys the arts but, due to their parents, isn’t allowed to pursue that as her career. I’d really like to be able to magically convince her parents to change their minds and give her the chance to do what she loves to do. I feel like she deserves to choose what she wants to do because she’s really passionate about the arts and she’d actually be happy pursuing that instead of computer science.

Leanne Jackson, 16, Sha Tin College

To give George Orwell the chance to be alive in the present I believe, would be a gift for everyone. His political views and opinions took the world by storm with his dystopian book, 1984. It was a story that asked people to let go of their old perspectives, and perceive the world in a new light. If Orwell had the chance to see the world now, as labyrinthine as it is, a new book - full of fresh perspectives - would certainly bring new outlooks on our everchanging world.

Bobbi Lee Gwai-lok, 13, South Island School

If I was Santa and could give anyone in the world a gift, I would choose to give one to my roommate. I attend a boarding school (UWC ISAK Japan) and can provide a first-hand account of the difficulties of dorm life. My roommate has stuck with me through thick and thin, even while undergoing challenges of her own. My gift to her would be a trip back to Russia for the winter break, as she was unable to make it back this year. She speaks of home with great fondness and I know she misses her family and home. I believe this gift would be greatly appreciated.

Hana Van de Wiel, 18, UWC ISAK Japan

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I’ve heard horror stories of my grandmother’s time playing the role of Cinderella to the in-laws and performing gruelling chores day in and day out such as cooking, cleaning, manning a farm and washing up to 10 people’s garments by hand. Modern day attitudes will see this as a violation of human rights and although this cultural attitude is changing, the lingering aftertaste of the long standing patriarchy remains. With my super power, I’d like to grant those who’ve been oppressed, wherever they may be in the world, the chance to relive their life and pursue their dreams the way boys and girls of developed countries have the joy of doing.

Heather Ng Xin Yi, 19, YMCA Hong Kong Christian College

I would be my father’s Santa and give him something he needs: a day of relaxation and rest.

I have always looked up to my father. Each day, he works efficiently and productively with his colleagues, sometimes coming home late at night. He never procrastinates and gives everything his very best and wholehearted attention. His efficiency and diligence is something I strive to learn from him. However, my father can overwork himself sometimes and become stressed. Therefore, I believe a day of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of his hectic work will be the best present for him ever and let him relax.

Chloe Lau Hong-ching, 14, St. Mary’s Canossian College

I’ll be the Secret Santa of a close friend of mine, who’s in America for his studies. I know he’s currently really stressed out and struggling with his schoolwork, so I might leave a cup of tea and a hearty meal somewhere in his apartment- you can’t do good work when you’re hungry!

Then, when he’s finished, I’ll use my magic to hug him from behind and whisper, “Everything’s fine, you can do it!” I really hope it helps, even I’m not actually there. Sometimes people just need that tiny bit of motivation to finish their work.

Cyrus Chu Kin-cheung, 17, St. Louis School