HKUYL uses creativity to teach local youths about leadership skills and global issues

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For the campers at Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders, the group is more than just a student organisation - it's a family

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Youth, creativity and enthusiasm is an unbeatable combo.

What does "outstanding" really mean? To us 54 campers at Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders (HKUYL), it is more than just being exceptional. It is about striving for excellence on every assignment, understanding the importance of attitude, and chasing greater achievements.

In the past six months, campers have taken part in two key events: the Global Awareness Project, which focused on refining our critical-thinking skills by discussing global issues, and the Youth Leadership Seminar, a four-day camp that encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones.

We have had opportunities to build real bonds with fellow campers: from drafting proposals for 15 hours straight, to casual meals; from racing against time with one another all across Hong Kong, to sharing the same drinks, the same snacks, the same umbrella.

It's not just about finishing assignments or making presentations; it is about building close friendships for the journey.

Along our voyage as campers, the 23rd HKUYL motto, "Stride over the Miles", is our motivation and reminds us to keep working towards our goals no matter what might happen.

This summer, we hope to bring in new blood and pass on what we have learned at the 23rd Camper-cum-Committee (CCC) project, Eschaton. The four-day camp, to be held at Chinese University in August, will be filled with challenges that will help develop leadership skills and life-long friendships.

Carpe diem. Seize the day. This ancient Latin saying has inspired many modern leaders and is a constant reminder to make the most of your time - to contribute, to improve, to become truly outstanding.

With a name that refers to the end of the world, Eschaton serves as a fitting theme of this year's CCC project.