5 easy, last-minute Halloween costumes that actually look good

There’s nothing worse than not having your costume ready for a Halloween party. But you can put together a really good look with stuff lying around your house. Here are five outfits that will look like you’ve spent ages on them (when it was actually more like five minutes)

Lucy Christie |

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Team YP dressed up for Halloween last year.


#ootd anyone?

A costume that’s both quirky and gives you an excuse to take endless photos. The only thing you really need for this costume is a big cardboard box (big enough that you can fit your whole body through), or two big pieces of cardboard. Decorate the box in the style of the Instagram logo using paint, pencils, or even just by printing out an A3-sized logo. Use some string or black ribbon to make straps that hang the costume over your shoulders.

If you’re a photographer with a decent camera, you could also cut out the lens of the camera icon on your costume and take photos through that during the night. Don’t feel the need to be loyal to Instagram though; the basic principle works for any social media platform. Erm, #ootd anyone?

A supercalifragilistic costume

Mary Poppins just wears regular clothes, so it’s not hard to make her outfit

Rocking up as Mary Poppins is super easy. All you need is a black skirt, black tights, black boots, a white shirt, a red bow tie, a black hat, and a black umbrella. This might sound like a lot of stuff, but actually, you, or someone in your family, probably has all of these things already. If you’re struggling for a red bow tie, just buy a piece of red ribbon from the market. You’ll also have the perfect excuse for taking all your stuff with you in a huge bag as you’re simply getting into character.

Creepy, freaky clowns

Clowns are terrorising the US, so now you can be both topical and scary

At Young Post we do our best to stay relevant, and what could be more topical this year than dressing up as a clown? While the US has been freaking out over the sightings of sinister clowns that have been threatening to kidnap or murder children, Hong Kong can still enjoy this costume for its sheer creepiness. This costume is all about crazy, colourful clothing. Just find your brightest, baggiest clothes, ideally with mismatched patterns, and wear them together. After that, all you need is a bright wig, a red nose, and some face paint. Paint your whole face white, then use red lipstick and black liquid eyeliner to draw on the details. If you have coloured eyeshadow or face paint, get creative with the details.

Ouch! A shotgun victim

Lucy Christie went as a gunshot victim last year.
Photo: Anthony Dickson/SCMP

All you need for this gruesome look is a cotton pad, some black face paint, some fake blood, and eyelash glue (if you don’t have any, you can buy a tube of the stuff for around HK$15 at any Sasa or Bonjour).

Colour the cotton pad black and, around the outside, use eyelash glue and toilet paper to create a rim to make the wound look 3D. Pour fake blood all over this outer rim to make it look like a wound. Apply eyelash glue to the back of the cotton pad and stick it over your eye. Add more fake blood everywhere before scaring.

The house from Up

Who knew a cardboard box and some balloons could make such a great costume?
Photo: superpunch.net

Pixar’s Up is a family favourite. This costume is very simple, but will look like you put loads of effort into it and spent hours making it. Take a cardboard box (one that you can fit around your body) and cut some arm holes and a hole for your head. Decorate it to look like the house from Up – or print out some photos of the house and stick them on.

Then, get loads of balloons, some string, and tie them to the box. Sure, you won’t be able to do much while wearing it, but everyone will think your costume is amazing, and that’s really all that matters. If you have a toy parrot at home, you can let it sit on your shoulder to complete the outfit with your very own Kevin.