13 thoughts everyone has when Hong Kong Observatory predicts a typhoon will hit

Lucy Christie |

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Whenever there's a chance of a typhoon, Hong Kong holds its breath in anticipation of a possible day off from responsibilities. Admit it, these thoughts crossed your mind too.

1. Is 6.30am too early? What if they drop the signal and I don’t get a day off?

2. T8s are my new favourite thing: I love the weather.

3. Why is it T1, T3, T8, T10 anyway? What happened to all the other numbers?

4. I hope the roof at school blows in and we can’t go back for a week.

5. I wish we got a typhoon day every week.

6. Messaging all your friends to check they have the day off too.

7. Ah, back to bed.

8. Looking out the window and thinking “It doesn’t even look windy out there”.

9. I could totally use today to get ahead on that essay that’s due for next week…

10. Or ... what should I binge watch today?

11. Wait, the supermarkets are closed? How will I get food? Am I going to starve?

12. Having the day off is actually kinda boring.

13. Okay, I’m over this typhoon now.

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