This student made a video to remind us that we're not defined by our academic results


Many Hong Kong students are affected by the city’s obsession with exams and high marks


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My story was in part influenced by a terrible tragedy involving two students at my housing estate, who were pushed to the extreme by exam stress. But what they experienced isn’t that uncommon among students in Hong Kong. Many of my friends suffer from depression and anxiety owing to their demanding school curriculums and the general emphasis on academic achievements here in our city.

When students’ futures seemingly rest on their exams, they have no choice but to struggle for good grades and to meet university requirements. Many find it difficult to cope with the enormous pressure.

My one-minute video, An Exam Result Decides My Fate?, delves into the lives of young people suffering from unbearable academic stress. I wanted to share my concerns about the city’s exam-oriented education system with other students who feel the same way.

Students shouldn’t have to resort to extreme measures in the face of academic pressure – there is always a way out. More importantly, young people should remember that their value is not determined by their exam results.

Perhaps it is time for our city to realise that its exam-obsessed culture is failing our young people. Education should be a stepping stone for building knowledge and finding your passion but not the only way to measure success.

I hope this video not only echoes the voices of Hong Kong’s students, but gets the public to pay attention to this crucial issue.

Edited by Charlotte Ames-Ettridge

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