31 thoughts every DSE student has

Compiled by Jocelyn Wong

Whether you're receiving your HKDSE results tomorrow, getting ready to start the three-year course next month, or part-way through, we're sure you can relate to these notions

Compiled by Jocelyn Wong |

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They've all thought these things, believe us

For all those receiving their HKDSE results today, we salute you! We know how you're feeling, how you've felt and how you will feel. How? Young Post junior reporters told us!

1 IES in liberal studies is killing me!!!

2 Staying up until 3am doing IES seems so normal.

3 The fact that mathematics is compulsory makes me sad. I just want to turn on some emo music and cry in my room.

4 The group discussion in SBA for English is completely scripted. Just like the Oscars. Time to deliver my winning performance.

5 The Chinese reading paper is so complicated. Who knows what the writer was thinking at the time? When in doubt, sparknote!

6 No one really studies that hard during study leave.

7 SLP and OLE are second-class citizens compared to what’s really going down in school. 

8 Electives (especially biology and chemistry) always have questions that aren't on the syllabus. Gaaaahhhh.

9 Don’t understand what’s going on in class? No problem! Tutors are my OLE of choice!

10 Tutors teach way more effectively than teachers at school.

11 HK Book fair this week? More like waging a battle with all the other DSE fighters to get the cheapest study materials in town!

12 Life is all about past papers starting now. Go go go!

13 Your teachers keep brainwashing you, saying that “the ranking of the university you get into will determine your chance of future success in everything”.

14 We see our after-school tutors more often than we see our family members.

15 The only numbers you can count to are one to five (for subject grades), five days to appeal for the final grade and the magic number 18 – for the 18% of us that’ll get into local universities.

16 Can’t stand the DSE, time to move abroad to complete my studies.

17 Teachers spend more time talking about the importance of public exams than actually teaching the material for it

18 DSE isn't all about learning, but learning to do the maths and interpret the marking scheme on the spot: 6 points for a question? No problem. Let me draw ALL the diagrams and linking words for effective communication

19 You’ve memorized the years of the past papers including the answers because you’ve been practicing so much

20 Chinese, the subject with four papers and the need for a Herculean effort to power through. That’s why we start the fight in Form One so that we can have more practice. That totally makes sense, doesn’t it?

21 I’m not a DSE student but a DSE fighter.

22 When in doubt: appeal, appeal, appeal. You have that five-day window to submit an application to re-check and re-mark a subject.

23 Restratigizing your programme choices? More like coming up with battle strategies in The Art of War.

24 One does not simply “pick” a third option.

25 Tutors are the new Avicii and Selena Gomez. All we want to do is take #selfies with them and post them on Instagram for the likes. “Me not working hard? Yea right, picture that with a Kodak.”

26 Why are there so many questions that aren't on the syllabus?

27 It’s not called guesswork, it’s called strategy when I count 9As, 8Bs and 10Cs, it means that the answer to the question is D, right?

28 In Liberal Studies, all the 5** students fill up at least six pages in Paper 2, maybe I should write big and I'll have a better chance of attaining a higher grade.

29 I saw this really complicated word come up in a Shakespeare play; if I use it in my English composition, I might be able to prove myself worthy of a 5**.

30 Counting used to be easy, it was just one to 10. Now we add two asterisks and let the fun begin.

31 DSE is similar to The Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favour.

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