Avengers-inspired looks: using Vision's insight to help you nail that first date look

By Heidi Yeung

Vision, the (finally) personified form of Jarvis from Marvel, was always polite, even when he was nothing more than a helpful voice and guide for Iron Man. We took that ultra-calm and courteous character, and created a date look that is both casual and approachable

By Heidi Yeung |

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Mixing different shades of the same colour keeps an outfit from looking dull, and clean lines always look sharp.

A foolproof rule is to wear clothes you’re comfortable in, but make sure they’re clean and wrinkle-free. No one likes a slob! You want to show you’ve made an effort, but you don’t want to go over the top. A good way to do that is to layer or mix colours. To avoid looking like a paintball victim, mix different shades of the same colour: dark denim, navy, sky blue; or keep either warm or cool tones. And if you choose to wear perfume or cologne, don’t overdo it; a few sprays is enough.


Clear skin and easy, relaxed hair will never go out of style.
Photo: Susanna Yeung

Easy but tidy

Jeffrey Yuen, Senior Stylist at Essensuals by Toni & Guy, first worked sea-salt powder into the roots of YP junior reporter Cedric Li’s hair to give it more body. Next, he rubbed styling clay between his fingers and parted Cedric’s hair on one side. To make it more casual, Yuen then teased Cedric’s hair by criss-crossing small sections on top of his head towards the back to give it a tousled look. At the front, Yuen used a bit more clay to smooth the hair upwards and to the sides, making the front look neater, before setting it all with hairspray.

If you have extremely short hair, this isn’t a look you can do, but nothing beats freshly washed hair!  

For girls, if you want to give your hair a little extra oomph, apply sea-salt spray to dry hair, comb through and then tease with your fingers to add volume and texture. Apply hair spray, then either leave it loose or tie it into a messy ponytail.


Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix (HK$250 at MUFE)

Fresh faced

You want to look your best while still  being yourself on a date? Then  we all may need a little help.  Whether you’re a girl or a guy, if you feel your skin needs a little assistance – maybe there’s a particularly annoying pimple or your skin is looking a bit dull – a touch of coverage can do wonders. If you really aren’t feeling confident, you can dab a touch of concealer or foundation mixed with moisturiser on your pimple; just make sure the shade matches your natural skin tone.  

To bring that glow-from-within to your face, spray some Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix, which sets foundation and gives you an all-over radiance. Mist & Fix can also be used on naked skin to give it a glow that looks just like healthy skin.

Hair: Jeffrey Yuen, Senior Stylist, and Victor Leung, Assistant – Essensuals by Toni & Guy 

Make-up: Janis Yuen, make-up expert – Make Up For Ever

Clothes: provided by Zalora

Photographer: Susanna Yeung

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