The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?

By James Whittle
By James Whittle |

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Nearly 20 years ago, Tim Burton was set to shoot a new Superman movie with Nicolas Cage as Superman. Unfortunately, the studio pulled the plug just before shooting.

In the newly released documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, the story behind one of comic-dom's biggest mysteries is finally revealed.

Otaku Zone got to see the European premiere of the documentary at MCM London Comic Con.

Director and writer Jon Schnepp interviews all the movie's principal players, including Tim Burton, first script writer Kevin Smith and producer Jon Peters.

The only person not interviewed is Nicolas Cage, but thanks to archival footage viewers get to see the actor's costume fittings.

This documentary is incredibly well-researched and gives viewers an unparalleled inside look at what could have been an interesting interpretation of the Death and Return of Superman storyline.

Schnepp also meets the production's concept artists, special effects artists, and costume designers who talk about their roles in the movie that never was.

In the process, viewers can see what Burton was trying to create from the numerous sketches and concept art, and of course the suit.

The 104-minute documentary is a must watch for Superman and comic book fans. The only thing is that anyone who wants to purchase this documentary in Hong Kong will only be able to find it on the official website.

The Blu-Ray (with eight hours of exclusive content) is US$29.99 and the DVD (with an hour plus of extra content) for US$19.99.