Enter an alternate DC comics universe with Justice League: Gods and Monsters

By James Whittle

Justice League: Gods and Monsters (Animation)

By James Whittle |

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The DC animated universe heads to an alternate universe where Superman is no boy scout, Wonder Woman is not an Amazon, and Batman is a little more blood thirsty (literally), in the all new animated feature Justice League: Gods and Monsters.

Our heroes are familiar but much darker than we remember them. Here, Superman is General Zod's son; Wonder Woman is Bekka, a New God warrior; and Kirk Langstrom is Batman (yes, the Man-Bat from the original universe). Lex Luthor, however, is still a major jerk.

This Justice League actually kills the bad guys and works more as a government hit squad than a peacekeeping force. These "anti-heroes" are a lot more flawed and are far from being role models. But even with questionable methods, they still do the "right" thing.

The problem is, someone is setting them up to be the bad guys: a mysterious villain is systematically killing off scientists that have worked on a secret project, and all the forensic evidence is pointing to the Justice League.

Who is this mysterious villain and why does he hate our heroes so much? Pick up a copy to find out!

Director Sam Liu (Batman: Year One, All-Star Superman) has included detailed backstories for all three anti-heroes, and these help us understand their complicated nature and empathise with them while also helping move the story along.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters is an excellent movie and an interesting take on our beloved iconic characters.