Arrow star Steven Amell to battle WWE's Stardust on Monday Night Raw

By James Whittle

Steven Amell vs Stardust (Pro wrestling)

By James Whittle |

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Otaku Zone rarely reports on anything related to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) because some people say it's all fake. But it's real I tell you, it's real! And there are major rumours that Stephen Amell - star of the hit superhero show Arrow - will be wrestling Stardust (Cody Rhodes) on tomorrow night's WWE Monday Night Raw.

Things kicked off at a WWE show on Memorial Day, when weirdo wrestler Stardust got in the face of Amell (a wrestling fan) who was ringside watching the show.

Since then the two have been engaged in a Twitter war, with the nutty Stardust continually calling Amell out during WWE broadcasts.

To antagonise Amell, Stardust renamed his finishing move the Queen's Crossbow, Oliver Queen being the true identity of the Arrow, as well as using the Arrow's catch phrase "you have failed this city" whenever he wins a match.

Celebrity feuds with the WWE aren't new, previous ones include Daily Show host Jon Stewart vs Seth Rollins, boxer Floyd Mayweather vs The Big Show, and 80s icon Mr T vs the recently deceased "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

So what can we expect to happen on Monday Night Raw? Otaku Zone is fairly sure (after years of watching WWE) that Amell and Stardust will most likely get into a small fracas which will then lead to a big main event bout at the upcoming WWE pay-per-view event Summer Slam.

But anything could happen, so Arrow and Stephen Amell fans should definitely check YouTube for clips of the big showdown.