5 ways our life is so much easier thanks to 'copy and paste'

The man who invented the copy and paste function died this week; here's how he changed our lives for the better

Rhea Mogul |

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Larry Tesler, the man who invented the copy and paste function, as well as the search and replace function, died this week. 

Although his work wasn't as recognised as other computer geniuses' like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, his inventions have saved us all from hours of tedious work and improved our computer literacy tenfold. 

Without the copy and paste functions, we'd struggle ... a lot. 

1. It has saved us from numerous hand cramps from typing 

Instead of physcially typing chunks of long text from elsewhere, with two simple clicks, we are saved from hours of extra work. And we can't imagine doing exam research without it!   

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2. Copying tricky URLs

Everyone knows that URLs are long, complicated and look like a math equation. How would we have coped if we had to physically type out each and every letter, number and symbol? 

3. Sending emails

We are able to send the same email to multiple people individually, without having to go through the entire process of retyping it. All we have to do is change the recipient's name, and hit 'send'. 

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4. Copying pictures

When we're feeling lazy and need to insert a photograph in a document, copy and paste saves us time from downloading the whole thing and uploading it. We're taking shortcuts whenever we can.

5. Ensuring you spell somebody's name correctly

If someone's name is particularly long or has a unique spelling, copy and paste can save you from the multiple faux pas' that would arise from incorrectly spelling it. It's particularly useful when emailing a very important person. 

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