Hong Kong photographer creates Lego series while stuck at home during Covid-19

  • Ric Tse's photo series 'My Home's Rhapsody' combines Lego figurines and household items.
  • He created the works while self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.
South China Morning Post |

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Victoria Harbour. Photo: Ric Tse

From baking bread to learning an instrument, many of us have been looking for ways to keep ourselves occupied during the coronavirus pandemic. Hong Kong-based photographer Ric Tse got extra creative by shooting a photo series combining Lego figures with other items in his home.

Villain hitting. Photo: Ric Tse.

Star Wars. Photo: Ric Tse.

Going up a ski slope. Photo: Ric Tse.

Ice climbing, using a simple plastic bag. Photo: Ric Tse

Ric makes a lion using a make up brush. Photo: Ric Tse

Wedding photos, using a tissue box. Photo: Ric Tse

Mission Impossible. Photo: Ric Tse

Homer Simpson undergoes an MRI scan. Photo: Ric Tse

Godzilla rampages through a power plug city. Photo: Ric Tse

Iron Man, with a flash drive. Photo: Ric Tse

Sumo wrestling using plates. Photo: Ric Tse

Ice fishing. Photo: Ric Tse

UFO sighting using an egg carton. Photo: Ric Tse

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