What Team YP can't wait to do when Hong Kong reopens after Covid-19

  • Businesses and parks are starting to reopen after months of closure due to the coronavirus outbreak
  • From concerts and the theatre to playing basketball, here's what we can't wait to do again
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Now that Covid-19 is under control in Hong Kong and businesses and parks are reopening, here's what Team YP is most looking forward to.

I would definitely visit Tai O because I haven’t been to this super peaceful fishing village for a very long time. I’ve always adored a simpler lifestyle, and to me, Tai O is definitely one of the very few tranquil communities left in Hong Kong. It’s also close to a lot of beaches, and there’s a chance of spotting a wild pink dolphin in the sea as well! 

Joanne Ma, Reporter

You mean things were closed all this time? I hadn’t noticed. But I don’t have to go out. No one can force me. I know my rights.

Susan Ramsay, Editor

It’s not an attraction per se, but I’m really excited about live music again. I love going to concerts and two of my favourite acts were cancelled earlier this year because of Covid-19. I was particularly devastated that I wouldn’t get to see Green Day. I can’t wait to rock out again.

Dannie Higginbotham, Web Editor

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The Book Fair and Ani-Com. The city’s social life being basically on hold for four months wasn’t a pleasant experience, but I’m happy to see two major events that I am a fan of have been given the go-ahead. With a bit of luck, the second half of the year will be less bleak and more lively.

Wong Tsui Kai, Reporter

The theatre. While I of course applaud the steps Hong Kong took that kept coronavirus numbers so low, I was gutted that the Arts Festival had to be cancelled, especially after so many things were cancelled last year due to the protests. We don’t get a huge amount of English language theatre here, so I can’t wait until both amateur and professional companies can stage their productions again. I’m also looking forward to being able to get back backstage!

Karly Cox, Deputy Editor

The place that I am dying to revisit is my usual basketball courts in Victoria Park, Kennedy Town and Sai Ying Pun. I have been deprived of basketball through this whole lockdown: there’s no NBA, and I can’t even put up a couple shots. It would be nice to once again step on to a basketball court, play basketball, and see all my basketball buddies.

Alejo Rodriguez Lo, Video Producer

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It’s been a while since I’ve been to Lantau Island, and I’d like to pop by Ngong Ping since the cable cars are back in service again – I guess it’s the next best thing to being on a plane for now. Lantau Island is one of the best places to chill out on a weekday, and I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated after spending the day exploring Po Lin Monastery and just marvelling at the architecture. Also, I really miss the tofu pudding and stir-fried vermicelli noodles at the monastery’s Deli Vegetarian Cafe, so it’ll be a perfect trip for both my soul and body.

Doris Wai, Multimedia Editor

I’m looking forward to music festivals and live shows starting up again. There’s a bit of magic in the atmosphere of a show – everyone is collectively enjoying the experience and something about live music just sounds good, too. I miss walking through crowds to find a good spot, the quiet buzz before the music starts, and jumping around with strangers to great songs.

Ami Hall, Junior Reporters Club Manager

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