The ultimate Christmas 2020 gift list for teens who love retro vibes

  • What do teenagers want for Christmas? We asked them what’s on their wishlist this holiday season and curated a guide to make Christmas shopping easier this year
  • Here are 5 of the best presents to ask for if you like to keep things old-school
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Throw it waaay back this Christmas!

We selected five of this year’s most covetable presents that pay tribute to the past.


Move over vinyl! The Walkman celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, and released a special-edition reboot in a funky turquoise design.

Then comes the joy of finding old cassette tapes, which they’ll probably have around Sham Shui Po Market. HK$3,120

Buy one here.

Doc Martens

A pair of classic 1460, smooth leather lace-up boots is a welcome addition to any wardrobe. They’re so easy to style with shorts, jeans or dresses.

The ultimate genderless fashion statement.

Around HK$1,500

Pick up a pair at Dr Martens Hong Kong (Shop 507 Hysan Place) or here.

Film camera

Point and shoot film cameras are such a satisfying way to capture memories, and most of the modern versions have autofocus and an automatic film-winding function, too, making the whole process easy.

Photo: Joanne MaBrands like Pentax, Rollei and Canon are relatively affordable, or you can find secondhand models in Sham Shui Po or from the Showa store in Causeway Bay and Mong Kok – find it here.

Around HK$300-HK$3,000

Roller skates

Forget blades, old-school skates are making a comeback, and getting a good pair will guarantee a fun new way to pass time.

Seeing as you’re likely to be stuck at home, or exercising alone a lot more, it’s a perfect time to pick up a new hobby. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Oumi Janta ...

From HK$750

Buy a pair here.

Typewriter keyboard

For the lover of vintage things in a modern world, a Bluetooth mechanical typewriter keyboard is the perfect crossover. Step back in time and enjoy typing like it used to sound.They’re beautifully made, and the keys are oh-so-satisfying when typing up an essay.

Around HK$1,200

We love this one.

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