Some people are worth melting for: 8 Frozen quotes that will warm your heart

  • Ahead of the opening of The World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland, let’s revisit some of our favourite lines from the iconic Disney film
  • Characters like Anna, Elsa and Olaf taught us the meaning of family, friendship and more
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There’s a lot to learn from Anna, Olaf and the other stars of Frozen and Frozen 2. Photo: Disney

The World of Frozen is set to open next week at Hong Kong Disneyland. Inspired by the hit animated film franchise, the Frozen themed area brings the enchanting kingdom of Arendelle to life. Before its official opening, let’s look back at eight quotes from the Frozen movies that have warmed our hearts.

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A bridge has two sides

The quote shows the bond between the two sisters in the film, Elsa and Anna, no matter how different they are. Elsa says: “A bridge has two sides, and mother had two daughters.” Their sisterhood forges a bridge between the realms of magic and the human world. This quote can remind us to work with others to make new connections.

Example: Remember that a bridge has two sides – we must make every effort to be respectful if we want to understand each other.

All one can do is the next right thing

In Frozen 2, when Anna faces adversity and doesn’t know what to do next, the princess says: “All one can do is the next right thing.” This is a great reminder that even when you lose hope, it is important to continue working towards what you believe in.

Example: I’ve learned that dwelling on my past mistakes won’t solve the problem – all I can do is the next right thing.

The Frozen Ever After ride at the World of Frozen, the new attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland. Photo: Lilith Kwong

An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart

Veering away from cliché Disney tales about how true love’s kiss breaks a spell, Frozen tells a different story of how sacrificing yourself for those you love can melt a frozen heart. It also emphasises that true love is not limited to romantic relationships but also exists between family and friends.

Example: The mother’s unwavering support moved her rebellious child to change. This proves that an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart.

I’m right out here for you, just let me in

The phrase comes from the song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, in which Anna tries to reconnect with her sister Elsa, who has isolated herself because of her magical powers. It shows Anna’s willingness to be there for Elsa no matter what.

Example: We can make it through these hard times together. I am right here – just let me in.

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I’ll rise like the break of dawn

This is a line from “Let It Go”, in which Elsa sings about breaking free from the constraints holding her back. It is useful for any situation where someone is continuing to do their best even after all seems lost.

Example: Despite the setbacks she encountered, Lily is still confident that she will rise like the break of dawn.

It all ends tomorrow, so it has to be today

In the song “For the First Time in Forever”, Anna expresses her enthusiasm and eagerness for the coronation day that she has been waiting for. This quote is perfect for expressing your excitement for an event.

Example: I plan to enjoy every minute of Blackpink’s concert. It all ends tomorrow, so it has to be today!

The true love story in “Frozen” is between Olaf and Sven. Photo: Disney

Some people are worth melting for

This is one of Frozen’s most well-known quotes that happens when the lovable snowman, Olaf, starts a fire to keep Anna warm, despite the risk of being melted by the heat. His heart-warming act reminds us that there are important people in our lives for whom we would willingly make sacrifices.

Example: Sheryl will stand up for her friends even if it gets her into trouble because some people are worth melting for.

Let it go

The critically acclaimed theme song of Frozen is not only beloved for its catchy melody but also for its powerful message about being true to yourself. The song represents Elsa’s transformation as she embraces her true self, letting go of her fear and expectations from others.

Example: Don’t let the past hold you back. You have to let it go and focus on the present.

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