2DP restaurant review: Instagram-friendly vegetarian cuisine in Tsim Sha Tsui

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The pumpkin bowl barley risotto was nice, if not the best thing ever.


G/F, The Lamma Tower, 12-12A Hau Fook Street 

Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: 3705 9590

Grub: Vegetarian fusion cuisine

Vibe: Light, bright, and very Instagram-friendly. There are two feature walls that you might want to sit by to snap your #instafood shots: one with the 2DP logo, and one with a Tetris-like, floor-to-ceiling shelving unit.

Who to take: Your mates. The cafe will seat 20-30 people comfortably, so you’ll be safe to bring (almost) as many people as you like, but we would probably stick with two or three.

The shaved ice looks better than it tastes.
Photo: Sean Halloran

What’s hot: We know how frustrating it can be when you’re the only vegetarian in a pack of meat-loving friends, so we really appreciate how many dishes 2DP have come up with for people who do not eat meat – from the usual truffle fries (HK$68) and fried tofu (HK$35), to their more adventurous-sounding vegan caviar and organic beetroot barley risotto (HK$98) and salty egg yolk creamy barley risotto with Hong Kong-style deep fried tofu (HK$118).

We tried the pumpkin bowl barley risotto (HK$138), which comes served in a whole Japanese pumpkin. Although it didn’t taste out of this world, we really enjoyed digging into the pumpkin for the flesh after we’d eaten the rice.

What’s not: The melon shaved ice (HK$108), whilst IG-friendly, wasn’t as flavourful as we would have liked. The melon also didn’t taste as fresh as it looked, but we liked the shaved ice, which was powdery-soft and mildly sweet.

The Ladies drink, containing strawberry, apple, banana, and spinach (HK$44), wasn’t bad, but we were sad to see that it came served in a single-use plastic take-out cup. 2DP is clearly a place that’s clearly passionate about green, meatless eating, so we’re hoping to seeing them switch to reusable cups soon.

Cost: Starters are HK$35-HK$82, mains cost HK$58-HK$138. Drinks are HK$30-HK$44, and desserts are HK$82-HK$108.

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