Lady M restaurant review: Presentation is everything at Instagram-friendly cake boutique in Causeway Bay

We find Hong Kong’s hottest eats ’n’ treats

Ginny Wong |

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Lady M has good photo fodder for your Instas and Snaps. The cake isn't bad either.

Lady M

Shop C, G/F, 1-3 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay

Tel: 2861 1866

Grub: Mainly desserts, but also Western cuisine

Vibe: Presentation is everything at Lady M, which is why everything is so Instagram-friendly here, from the well-lit interiors, to the displays, to the marble tables – even before the cakes are served. The ambience is quiet and relaxed and, if you don’t look outside the windows, it feels like you are at the original branch in New York City.

Who to take: Your mum, or a friend or two. You’ll want to linger to gossip over the layered mille-feuille crepe cakes and drinks, and that’s easier when you’re in a small group.

A cake and drink is just right for an afternoon treat.
Photo: Ginny Wong/SCMP

What’s hot: The Lady M cake set for two, at HK$298, is great value for money. For HK$150 per person, you get FOUR slices of cake, and two drinks. A slice of cake costs upwards of HK$58 (and between HK$66-

HK$75 for their signature mille crepe cakes), so the drinks are basically free. Chip in an additional HK$8 to upgrade your drinks to their tea lattes – we recommend the green tea one, which was very strong and smooth, but not bitter at all.

Cake-wise, we tried the signature (HK$66) and pistachio mille-feuilles (HK$75). Both were very light and airy, with cream that was just sweet enough without being cloying. The banana version (HK$68) was creamy and rich, but not stodgy. We had no complaints about the strawberry mille-feuille (HK$62) either, which was flaky and crumbly – if a little messy to eat.

What’s not: Be prepared to wait in line – Lady M is popular for good reason, but best avoided if you can’t stomach queuing. We were also surprised to see that all the cakes in the set come served on a single tray, which somewhat spoiled the presentation. If they were served on individual plates, the slices would make for far nicer photos (because, obviously, the phone eats first).

Cost: Cakes cost HK$58-HK$75 per slice. Drinks are HK$28-HK$68. The lunch set is HK$168 for two courses and HK$198 for three, and the brunch set is HK$188 for a main, a slice of cake, and a drink – all of which are quite reasonably priced when you look at the price of a single slice.

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