Five Guys Hong Kong serves up authentic American burgers and fries; milkshakes coming in December

The fries were great but the burgers need work at the world-famous fast food joint

Joanne Ma |

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Five Guys despite being a burger joint, doesn't have great burgers.

Five Guys

60 Johnston Road, Wan Chai

(Five-minute walk from Exit B1, Wan Chai MTR Station)

Tel: 3618 9122

Grub: American-style fast food

Vibe: The burger joint, which originated in the US, is known for its casual, no-frills vibe. They have almost 1,500 locations in the United States, Canada, Britain, Europe, and the Middle East. Now, there’s one in our city. We love that its newest restaurant is located right by the tramway track in Wan Chai, helping the iconic American franchise meld into the Hong Kong cityscape.

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Who to take: We recommend taking only one or two of your mates with you. Our Five Guys is not very big and, with the hype surrounding it right now, you might find it difficult to score a table for a group any larger than four. If you insist on grabbing burgers and fries with a large gang, we recommend ordering takeaway and heading to a park with your food.

What’s hot: We were really impressed with the fries tasted. According to the staff, they hand-cut the potatoes every morning.

The original fries are freshly fried in front of you, and seasoned with just the right amount of salt. They’re just the right thickness (not as thin as McDonald's’ fries, but not as thickly cut as ones you’d have in a restaurant) and come in a generous portion – they come in about the size of a large McDonald’s drink. They also do a Cajun-spiced version.

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The hot dogs were also surprisingly tasty. We had ours with mustard, pickles and barbecue sauce, which we think went with the savoury sausage very well.

The milkshakes aren’t yet available, but the staff told us they’ll be coming next month – we’ll definitely be back to try them.

What’s not: Sadly, their burgers could stand to be a little better.

The cheeseburger is decently sized for the price and comes with two thick beef patties, tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce and, of course, cheese. The patties were quite juicy, and it wasn’t necessarily a bad burger – just underwhelming.

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The veggie sandwich was an even bigger letdown. Instead of a vegetable patty, which was what we were expecting, it was just mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce, and green bell peppers in a bun.

In essence, the veggie sandwich tasted exactly like the cheeseburger, but without the bite of a meat patty. Without a substitute, it definitely tasted like something was missing. We’ve had better veggie options from plenty of other restaurants in Hong Kong.

Cost: The cheeseburger and the veggie sandwich cost HK$85 and HK$45 respectively, and we don’t think either was worth it.

The fries, on the other hand, while not exactly cheap (a large fries, Five Guys or Cajun, cost HK$55) was at least tasty, and we felt like we would happily come back for more. The hot dog costs HK$50. Drinks are HK$20-HK$30 (and HK$55 for the soon-to-arrive milkshakes).