Tai Wo Tang Cafe in Kowloon City is the place for your tea, coffee and all-day breakfast needs [Restaurant Review]

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Kelly Fung |

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Tai Wo Tang Latte with earl grey and honey, worthy of a signature drink.

Tai Wo Tang Cafe

24 Nga Tsin Long Road

Kowloon City

Tel: 2623 2006

Grub: Tea and coffee, all-day breakfast, and desserts

Vibe: Before stepping into the cafe, you might notice the big golden Chinese sign above the entrance and wonder why it looks like something you’d find at the front of a traditional Chinese medicine store. Well, that’s because this place used to be one!

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The original shop of the same name opened in 1932 and was converted to a cafe only in October. The cafe has a cool, contemporary feel, while still keeping hints of its past as a Chinese medicine shop.

Around the cafe you will find wooden medicine cabinets, old-fashioned glass jars, and framed photos showing the cafe’s history, while Sam Smith’s soothing music plays in the background, and the strong aroma of coffee fills the air.

Who to take: Bring along a fellow coffee fiend or anyone who enjoys hanging out at a venue with a vintage feel. It’s also a nice place to enjoy breakfast with your family at the weekend. But make sure you arrive early to avoid having to queue too long to get in.

The cafe decor is both traditional and contemporary.
Photos: Kelly Fung/SCMP

What’s hot: Do not miss their signature Tai Wo Tang latte. It has a delicate Earl grey and honey flavour, which made it the perfect cup for a cosy autumn morning. It also went well with the eggs Benedict (HK$88) we ordered, which was tasty and filling.

The menu had some interesting options such as the signature vitality tea, red date cheesecake, and chicken and HK-style egg waffles, which we would happily come back to try.

This is a lovely place to sit and relax for a quiet meal and appreciate a bit of Hong Kong history.

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What’s not: The Tai Wo Tang Burger is rather small, so we thought it was a bit overpriced at HK$138. The fries that came with it were also overly salty and dry.

Cost: Overall, the prices at this cafe are slightly higher than other cafes in the area, and closer to what you’d pay on the island. Mains are HK$100-HK$150, while drinks are HK$35-HK$70. Lunch costs around HK$150 per person.