3rd Space cafe in Sheung Wan has tea, pancakes and great Instagram decor [Restaurant Review]

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Kelly Fung |

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The mural at the entrance stands out in the district and sets the mood of the cafe.

3rd Space

16 Upper Station Street

Tai Ping Shan

Sheung Wan

9220 9785

Grub: Fusion brunch, pancakes, tea and mocktails

Vibe: With a mural painted on the white-walled exterior, and pretty garden patio to the side, the fresh, clean feel of this re-opened cafe in Sheung Wan after its move from Po Hing Fong perfectly matches the dishes it serves.

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As you step inside, you’ll find more white walls covered in murals, and a large open kitchen where the pancakes are made. It’s an aesthetic that Instagram addicts are sure to go wild for. And thanks to the attentiveness of the staff, you’ll quickly feel right at home.

Who to take: Pancake lovers, tea fanatics, and anyone who appreciates fresh ingredients and healthy, home-made dishes. Why not treat your bestie to a fusion brunch or fluffy pancakes?

Turkish Egg and yogurt with grilled cheese toast. (HK$125) which claims to be rarely seen in HK. Served with the greek yogurt, chilli butter and a Japanese sous vide chubu-egg, the hot, grilled cheese toast is full of cheesy and chilli goodness.
Photo: Kelly Fung/SCMP

What’s hot: The pancakes are obviously the main attraction, but 3rd Space has also recently expanded its savoury menu, which now includes a range of Japanese and Italian-style dishes.

We opted for grilled cheese toast with Turkish Egg and yoghurt (HK$125), a dish rarely seen in Hong Kong. Served with Greek yoghurt, chilli butter and a Japanese sous vide chubu-egg, the hot toastie is full of both cheesy and chilli goodness.

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The cream salmon pasta (HK$105) is also definitely worth trying; it’s flavourful without being greasy, which largely comes down to the cafe’s use of fresh, wholesome ingredients.

The portion sizes are just right to allow room for a delicious pancake – we tried the matcha one (HK$85). The green tea flavour was rich without being bitter, and went perfectly with a scoop of Hokkaido ice-cream, slices of fresh fruit, and a sprinkle of walnuts.

The cream salmon pasta (HK$105) is flavourful yet not greasy at all
Photo: Kelly Fung/SCMP

What’s more, because 3rd Space is committed to not using any processed ingredients or an excessive amount of sugar, the pancakes are light and airy, and not overly sweet.

What’s not: The cafe boats a vast array of tea-based treats in interesting flavours, but we weren’t especially taken with our Earl Grey hot chocolate (HK$48). It was an odd combination, to say the least. The scent of the Earl Grey was too strong, so that you just end up with a perfumy chocolate. Best to avoid this one.

Cost: Main meals cost between HK$100 and HK$130, pancakes range from HK$80-90, and drinks prices range from HK$30-50. We spent HK$452 on two mains, one pancake and two drinks. It’s rather an expensive meal, but the quality of the dishes makes it worth the price.