Get your Japanese shaved ice fix at HK Causeway Bay dessert cafe Shari Shari Kakigori House [Restaurant Review]

By Angela Lam and Rayes Ho

Anything from their bestseller list will have your taste buds doing a happy little dance all the way home

By Angela Lam and Rayes Ho |

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There are cookies buried inside the Matcha Cream Special!

Shari Shari Kakigori House

G/F, 14 Haven Street, Causeway Bay

Tel: 2529 1223

Grub: Japanese shaved ice dessert.

Vibe: A little further out from the centre of Causeway Bay, Shari Shari is a little dessert shop with tiny tables and few decorations – save for a smattering of Polaroids on the wall and the bamboo lights that dangle down from the ceiling. Outside peak hours, when the queue is long, the atmosphere is relaxed.

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Who to take: Just about anyone with a sweet tooth – but make sure you bring SOMEONE. The shaved ice desserts, known as kakigori in Japanese, are massive and you will be hard-pressed to finish them on your own.

What’s hot: Anything from their bestseller list will have your taste buds doing a happy little dance all the way home. In particular, we loved the Matcha Cream Special, which is shaved ice, topped with matcha cream syrup, caramel syrup, and whipped cream. Halfway through, you’ll find cookies buried inside, too.

Shari Shari's bestseller comes in a few different flavours.

The layers of the ice – the shop claims it’s imported from Japan – are bursting with flavour, which complements the dollop of cream on top. These desserts will be fantastic for summer, when all you want to do is get inside and away from the heat.

Go during the quieter hours, and you won’t even have to wait – you’ll be served right away (and the shop is open 1pm-10.30pm). There’s also a loyalty card scheme – redeem a stamp for every shaved ice dessert you buy, and when you have eight stamps you can claim a HK$65 discount on your ninth treat.

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What’s not: Both the Causeway Bay branch and the Central branch on Staunton Street are tiny, which means you’ll be knee-to-knee with your mates and other customers. Bring cash, as credit cards are not accepted. You might face a long wait if the store is busy, too.

Cost: All the shaved ice desserts costs between HK$80-HK$$100. Additional toppings cost HK$4-HK$12 and will push your cost up. Japanese Tea Sets will set you back HK$52-HK$84. Drinks are HK$25-HK$38. There is also a minimum charge of HK$35 per person.